Thursday, December 29, 2011

Final is the time to be philosophical

Now you would probably be thinking:
- Why am I here studying my butt off?
- What is the point of me studying and working so hard?
- Why exam, why being haunted by pieces of papers and grades?
- How is it possible for others to study and have fun but not me?
- How to conquer stacks of paper and memorize it?
- 2012 is coming and we are studying?
- To study or not to study?
- Why sacrifice so many for a good grade with no payments?
- Would this make me happy?
- Blame the education ministry and the government...
etc etc...

Well, I am thinking of the same stuff too.
Anything's more interesting than studying now. XD
Good luck to all my friends who are having their finals soon!
Cheers and smiles everyone!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Week 14 - I learnt about perspective

I consider myself as 1 who gets influenced easily.
But sometimes when we get accustomed to a certain belief,
you are not in a hurry to accept other than the usual thoughts.
I have 2 stories to share...
Some may struck as controversial cases.
(naturally, I don't want to get into any troubles, it's just merely thought provoking)

Familiar yes?
My lecturer came to this topic when he was lecturing us about the media and how the things media portrayed to be somewhat biased.
He mentioned something about Susan (former CIA asset) from the US making a stand on the 911 case.
She states that there are certain policies at work other than the simple hijack.
She said in her video that 911 was a planned demolition by the US gov.
My initial reaction? WTH is he talking about.
After I watched the video, it opened my eyes as sometimes, things might not be as it seems.
But I make no stand.
I don't say that it's anyone's fault that the 911 happened.
But I never thought about it from any other viewpoints than terrorism.
That's all m saying.

NEP in Malaysia stands for New Economic Policy.
It was carried out a long time ago to boost the Malay's economic power.
The NEP implements quota systems in schools and in work places.
Of course, some of the methods of implementation might offend the other races.
Malay students get an easier access to university than other races and stuff.
During the sociology class, the lecturer (being an Indian himself) told us that this was actually a good thing!
2nd time in that day, my reaction was like: WTH is he talking about NAO.
He told us that in the case of Fiji, the Indians (being immigrant and stronger economically) ruled and the Fiji people was the backdated group.
Because of that, the Fijis, after realizing that their right must be righted, they declare war to their local gov.
He made a comparison of Fiji's case and that of Malaysia.
In Malaysia, we do have unfair cases, but it is this unfair cases that lead to the country's peace.
We do not have wars, we do not have riots.
But of course, this was the case before.
I won't criticize anything on NEP, and I won't say it's the most suitable policy now, but this had, yet again, opened my eyes to another way of viewing something.

These 2 cases had yet again proven that nothing is everlasting, nothing is infinite.
It's the matter of viewpoints that counts.
Who gets the power to say anything is right and who gets the power to punish?
It's all a matter of the way you see it.
I hope this short piece inspired you.
N I repeat, I am merely stating the points I've learnt, I don't want to get into any troubles.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Good questions.

It's been a while.
With all the asses (short for lots of ASSignments) and stuff
M back in that busy life.
But not for long.
Here's the difference in Uni, nothing stays.
It's either the peak season for ASSes, or the peak season for Exams, or the peak season of boredom.
Yes, days of leg swinging & movie watching is back.

I wanna share a little story.
I've went to this EDP program organised by our WUS lecturer, WPG & AIA.
At first I was very reluctant, not even trying to make friends.
(I used the excuse of 'observing' the surrounding here)
I was ignorant, arrogant, whatsoever.
I thought this would be like any other seminar/training program.
But I was proven wrong.
It was like any other training program in a way, but the speakers are more sincere.
It wasn't like before when we sit down and listen (sleep) the hell out of everything.
It was more interactive and more fun.
But m not saying I'm so matured & all, most of the things they said I've already known.
This is the result of me being in so many training programs and vigorous readings.

But one thing does struck me.
Financial planning.
I was popping question marks when the session arise.
(WTF is that?)
So financial planning is actually planning ahead.
What are you gonna do with your life, how would you wanna live your life.
I have no answers for that.
I guess, by the time everyone had graduated, they would go for job interviews & employments.
That's my initial (only) plan too.
However, this program is an eye opener to me. Why?
Having your own business & stuff.
I am interested because I wanted more in life.

But there are things holding me back.
Most of it is fear. Fear of failure.
What if I screw things up?
What if i lost something?
Is it worth it?

There are no right or wrong answers here.
Just right or wrong questions.
What do you want after graduation?
Is that job you are thinking in particular what you want?
What would you do if you didn't get what you want?
Will you be regretful?

All that I can say is...
Good questions.

Sunday, November 27, 2011










; )

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Banning Youtube in uni

This is only from mere thought, I don't wish to offend anyone by writing this blog. =)
Before I entered uni, we were told that the uni offers free Wifi to all students.
With the advancement of technologies, what could possibly go wrong?

So I went in there only to notice they blocked Youtube, that explained the speed.
I was quite sad (this coming from a Youtube addict, it's easy to understand)
But then, after a few weeks, they unblocked the site and Youtube was free to be accessed!
I was trilled, and I continued my 'legacy' of being a Youtube addict.
I've never missed any episode of Niga Higa, David Choi, Sam Tsui, Wongfu Production or Raywilliamjohnson. (*proud*)
It is a form of entertainment for me and I really did make full use of Youtube, even looking up for historical personnel such as Hitler or searching up useful tips or facts from Youtube.

After 1 month, I was browsing through the uni's newsletter when I saw an article about Youtube.
The panels are still debating whether they should ban Youtube again for the sake of the Wifi's speed.
I don't know much about the speed but I do know that from my access point, (my room) it doesn't make any difference.
The speed there is slow, with or without the banning of Youtube because the line are unstable and it would disconnect frequently.
I would prefer to walk to the library to online.
So I was being quite indifferent in this situation.

When I was casually browsing through the net, I saw a notice stating that Youtube has been officially banned (again)
As much as my emotions spiraled down, I managed to keep my cool. (and did not bombarded the place... XD)

I believe, in order to move the uni forward, we should take the daring chances and counter the effects caused rather than stopping the advance in move and curl back to your comfort zone. 
It might be hard, you cannot please everyone in this, but is it better to step forward than to step backwards?
Lifting the ban on Youtube would mean that our Wifi system is improving, despite the slower speed, the authorities/related personnel would act to improve the current situation.
We could widen our experience/exposure and also improve language in a way. ;)
I am not comparing our uni with other uni, where they had already lifted the ban on Youtube ages ago
I am merely hoping that our authorities/student council would look into the matter from different points of view. 

However, I've also heard that the ban on Youtube this time is only temporary.
But who knows when will the ban be lifted this time...

Signing off

-----After a few hours, the ban was lifted, again. @@ this is freaking weird....-----

Monday, November 14, 2011

To Formal or Not To Formal

Today in class, my lecturer told us about language & superiority.
He mentioned that language should be measured in different social distances.
Example when you are talking to the Dean, you address him as Professor.
If the Professor is talking to the Physicist, his role change to be the less powerful, to listen.
And if the Physicist were to meet with the Queen, he have to bow down to show respect to her.
Make sense right?

Then he came to a part where he told us when we talk with our colleagues in work places, we have to be polite.
Instead of "Hey can I have that?"
You could opt to speak like "Excuse me, if you don't mind, I would like to have that"
You can be VERY polite with your colleagues.
But not meaning it at all.
You can address every person in your office pollination but NOT respecting them 1 bit.
C'on, I know you do too sometimes? (*wink wink*)

BUT, have you ever heard of the theory of 'buddy buddy'?
'Buddy buddy' is where people tries to make friends among colleagues or the superior by ranking them the same rank as yours.
You do not speak to them too politely but you try to make friends with them by 'buddy'ing around.
"hey BUDDY, can i have that?"
"oi BUDDY, u wanna go eat later?"
"BUDDY ah, u very loheng ah..."
"BUDDY, u so mean leh"
True, the 'buddy buddy' thing has existed even without you noticing it.
Sometimes the better you are at 'BUDDY'ing, the better your chances of flattering the other party.

I'm confused.
Is it better to treat people with respect and politeness which are fake...
Or to 'Buddy' around and act like the boss is your best friends?

I'm gonna stay neutral in this.
Here is a photo of a parrot.
It has nothing to do with my topic today

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Live wealthy, die poor; or live poor, die wealthy?

First, i'm gonna share with you a thought, then a story, then my opinions.

Today's food for thought is: Live wealthy, die poor; or live poor, die wealthy?
If you were to choose? Which one would you choose?
For obvious reasons, many would choose the first one.
I am not to comment on anything, but I would like to share a story.

I watched an interview in Astro AEC just now.
The host interviewed a past time super star called Billy Wang 东方比利, if you know him.
(I've only heard of the name one or twice when I was very young, hence no strong sense of relativity whatsoever)
But you can check out more here:


Billy Wang was 1 of the most popular man in demand.
He left home at an early age to try to make it big, trying to earn a fortune.
He went to shows after shows, made famous by imitating female artists such as Anita Mui.
He thought he was living the good life, having made success around the Asia region.
He went to places like Hong Kong, Malaysia, eventually settle in Indonesia.
He checked in night clubs, drank more than he could and indulge his life to drugs and nothingness.
Sex with females and also males were only the tiny bits of his life.
It wasn't until he was being sought for drug trafficking that he packed his bags and landed in Singapore.
He was being offered a job in hosting a radio show & being a DJ
He took the opportunity but initially despise the job as it pays low. 
However, his personality and talent gave him fame and fans.
He was soon the top of his pack, receiving many awards for his radio shows. 

His life came to a sudden twist when he had cancer. Leukemia to be exact. 
He started to blame, blaming his job, his family, his friends and the world. 
It was a low period, his pride did not help him either. 
He did not want his story to be uncovered, but the media soon gets the better of it.
After he was diagnosed with cancer, he did a lot of thinking in his period of recovery.
He understood that maybe it's karma. The cause and consequences of his actions. 
It is very hard for him to admit his fault, but he eventually did it.However, he did manage to recover as he realize the mistakes he'd done.
He made a change in himself and also the world. 
He opt for a better living and he succeed in making it so.
(why is the ending so short? cause i've only watched the 1st episode of the 2 part series. XD)
(forgive me if I get the facts wrong, I wrote this with only reference to my memory)

Dong Fang Billy's life has transformed after accepting Christ in early 1990s. A cancer patient himself, he is serving other cancer patients and the community in Singapore now.
-taken from


My opinion in this is that
Billy made a long trip before he realize his mistakes.
It was pretty hard for him to put aside his pride and admit his faults.
It relates to me in the sense that I see some of the youths around me trying their best to lead the 'glamorous' life
It's not wrong in the sense that they are trying to improve living standards
But sometimes when you are consumed by greed, you are forcing yourself to nowhere.
Pride did a lot of bad to him, and it's gonna do worst to the society today.
I may not be good at story telling, but I do hope people would realize this before it's too late.

Again: Live wealthy, die poor; or live poor, die wealthy?

How about, live life, die living?



Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Invasion of society & culture

This is from a course in soc science
I’ve heard rumors about the lecturer being very impressive
So I sneak into a class too!
It had really made an impact in me in the sense that
It makes your brain think rather than absorb
Cool eh? XD

My question of the day is: Why is nose picking/farting etc a ‘disgusting’ act?

I am sure, there are times when you feel the itch or the ‘stuffing’ in your nose rather annoying
And you would just want to just slightly scratch it…
Maybe put your little finger in it
Ahh, yes, that’s the spot, that’s that yucky stuff
And you notice there are a few of your friends snickering beside you
“What’s so funny?”
“OMG, you NOSE PICKER! Hahahaha”

What about the time when you feel your tummy twisting and turning?
You feel like your tummy is having its own wrestling federation inside
And the gas is winning
Maybe if I open my butts wider, it might make no sound…
Okay, let’s try this…
“PHUUUUTTTSSS” Oh god YES… The satisfaction…
Then people around you started to stare…
OMG, did I do that out loud?
Then you’ll feel your cheeks getting hotter and yet you try to act natural
@@ *twisting head around looking confused and walk away as fast as possible*

Let me let you in with a fact
When you’re in the mid of doing those ‘disgusting’ act
Have you ever think about: Hey, other people might do that as well! They have shit in their nose & poison in their small intestine too! It’s perfectly normal for me to do so.
NOPE, you go straight to thinking that: ohGOD ohGOD ohGOD, what would people think about me when they heard/see me… It’s so embarrassing; I would never have a life again, EVA!
Okay, so I’m going a bit too far about the life thing
But you get my point right?
Even Shrek says: Better out than in I always say. *smug look*

Sometimes it’s the society’s and the culture’s doing.
You feel embarrassed because you are taught to be.
There are no rules saying that it’s wrong.
Biological speaking, you are perfectly normal to have actions like that.
Just like it’s perfectly normal that everyone can’t be number one in class, everyone do fail & fall sometimes and you accidently killed you fish because you forget to feed them. @@
(I hope that won’t happen to me. BTW, I’m raring 2 in my hostel. XDXD)
Why the invasion?
Sometimes we are brought up from different backgrounds
We are taught to NOT do this, to NOT do that, to do things we don’t like, things we hate to eat are always the most nutritious ones

It’s not to say I’m biased
But sometimes it’s good to question formality
To do self checks
Whether it is useful, it is meaningful & it is beneficial
Rather than just to ‘follow the norm’

Come to think of it.
Nose picking and farting are annoying at times
It’s normal to see your shit but it’s disturbing to see other’s shit.
Owh, and the strong smell…
Do it privately kay?

Sunday, October 9, 2011












; )

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

*~|| sTop BeINg paTHetiC =|)~

Stop being pathetic
I'm awesome and so are you
So now it's your cue to smile
C'on lets see it


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Irony Much?

So I was like browsing around
And I saw this
And then....
I saw this....
I was like....


Saturday, September 24, 2011








Thursday, September 22, 2011

World Car-Free Day

Okay, I saw this news in the Star Online
I am amazed by the CYCLING effort put into making a stand in conjunction with the World Car-Free Day
(Somehow I feel a 'but' coming out-- you say?)
I think cycling is not practical in other places.
This is the 'way of life' in Malaysia
Our destinations are almost always far from our home

Take myself for example
I have to travel 25 mins to school when I was in secondary (by car)
And if I were to cycle to school everyday....
I would have to wake up at 5.20am daily
Taking account of me sleeping at 12am after I've covered my revisions,
It's not an attractive option for me

I've seen a forum about the economy of Malaysia in Astro
One of the panel was talking about the basic needs in Malaysia

"Malaysia is different from other countries because it is a NECESSITY for families to have a means of transport of their own. In Singapore, people need not worry about transportation because they have MRT; in Japan most people travel to work or school by Bullet Trains. We do have public transport in Malaysia, Rapid buses and the KTM, but the time gap between buses and trains are long and the time unpredictable in most cases, the conditions of the public transports are not as good (we see accidents of public buses quite frequently) as compared to other countries. The people tend to depend on their own means of transportation to travel."

FYI this is only an extract taken from the panel

(meaning it's not my saying)
But somehow I do agree with him.
After travelling by the public bus for a couple of times,
I see that these conditions of the public transportation are actually quite true.
People go for their own means of transport for better time management and comfortableness.

Hmm, is it better to promote World Car-Free Day by using cycling


Thursday, September 15, 2011

First Day of Language and Confusion

Hey guys (and gals - m not a sexist)
So greetings earthlings 
I am down with language disease.

So this is how my first day of class went
We were briefed on what we are gonna study in the future
The Prof was like
And we were like
So when the prof stopped, 
I was secretly VERY glad the lecture's over
I mean, it's only an intro right?

The other lecturer came and he started to talk alien
He was going on and on about the history of language
We were looking retarded while getting mind fucked.

The problem with me is 
I haven't the slightest idea of where/how a particular language emerge and develop
AND why do we have to study this 
Should I be concern?

The world came to an end when Mr.Alien lecturer wanted us to prepare a topic for our tutorials.
Things bout how language started and spread and how they are classified and stuff

Well now, I have to STUDY for it
Hopefully, I can understand some of it....

Here we go, come with me
There's a world out there that we should see
Take my hand, close your eyes
With you right here am a ROCKETEER!
(hopefully, not to come back in the near future... )


Monday, September 12, 2011

Helo everyone! Update frm usm~

Wow! Now I am officially a uni student! 
What's the different between uni and secondary school you asked?
Well, most of it is the same.
Washing clothes is something new to me thou
When I was in secondary I never did wash any cloths 

So now I fueled
Ready as ever (or NOT ready as ever)
Brace yourself 
And FLY~~~~~~
up up here we go go
up up here we go go

oh and ps, 
the USM museum is BEAUTIFUL!
Do check it out if you are free. XD

Sunday, September 4, 2011






-    不想那么多,就呆呆的接受    -
-               不是很好吗?                -
-            可惜我好像没听过           -
-           岁数思想向后退的票        -







Friday, September 2, 2011

Packing ;)

So... It's been a long time (again)
I've been busying here and there.
Going to trips with friends, gatherings, farewells and stuff.


But now, I'm packing.


Till now I've only manage to pack in my cloths.
I've left only..... my whole house to pack in my tiny luggage~
C'on.... It's hard to prepare for U =(

------HMM, YOU ASK ME HOW I FEEL?-----

Well, to be honest, I don't know what too expect..
What is university like anyway?
Is it cool like they said?
Or is it squeezing mind juice?
Can I play my webgame there?

Hmmm~ So many questions....
Only 1 way to find out....
Let me get back to you when m in uni. XD

So yeah, brace yourselves.

And go chillax~

----------------SMILE YO!------------ =)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Reunion with Rach (hey it rhymes!)

♪ Taking one step at a time walking hand in hand 
Naw, we did not walk hand in hand in fact.
But actions are not required for an old friend's heart warming reunion.

We went to Mengkuang and the Big Pasar downtown.
What you don't remember the Big Pasar downtown?
NOW... Do you remember?

Here she is, my girl, Rachel!
We ate the famous 米台目
Then after, we went to have a walk around.
Let the pictures do the talking.


Here are the photos of the Dua Pek Gong
It's the Hungry Ghost Festival
And of course, people are praying.

 Nice offerings.

So that sums up my short reunion with her.
It was a nice day and I had tonnes of fun.
 She even bought back some Kuih Bahulu for her bro.


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Matured thinking?

It depends on how you define it.

What is matured?

Is smart matured?
Is it knowing what you might expect matured?
Is being realistic matured?

Who knows...

Some feel that earning money and paying bills are matured.
Some feel that going thru difficult times make you matured.
Some think that by doing what people say it's "right" makes you matured.

What is the "right" side and which is the "wrong/left" side?

What makes something "good" and something "bad"?

You know, it's all in yourself.
You made the rules.
You have the choice.... To choose.

Smile~ =)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Seriously, I don't know how to title this blogpost

Hey guys, it's been a while.
Where have I been?
*music: everyday m shufflin!* 
*legs swinging wildly in sick dance moves!*
I keed.
I've been going through with life - breathing, is the term~

So today I wanna talk bout Targets in life
(oh no is she gonna do those inspirational talk which bores people to death?)
YES, yes I am.
*wink* =D

I know for a fact that we sometimes live life miserably.
Woke up late? Life is meaningless.
Forget to take breakfast? Life is meaningless.
Bad hair day? Life is meaningless.
2+2=? Life is meaningless.
67-65/34^5#4(0*170)=? Life is truly meaningless.
Face it, we are a hopeless pile.
Life as we summarize it = Facebook eat then Facebook again, 
with the occasional blogging and twittering.
So, how to we get rid of all these and "embrace life"?

FIRST, get rid of negative thoughts, as in try thinking things positively.
FROM: OMG, it's raining, I freaking hate it, it's so boring when it rains....
TO: Yey! I can have more time indoors playing with Facebook!
See? Rain never hits indoors. =)

SECOND, be confident.
FROM: You know, I think I can do this, yea, it's just a little prank, nobody's gonna know me right?
Yep, that's gonna leave a mark....

THIRD, be yourself.
FROM: Hey girl, want me to buy lunch for ya?
TO: Hey girl, can I eat that? (fingers pointing at her plate)
Being yourself ROCKS!!

Okay, I ran out of lame points and examples.
But you guys ain't paying attention too right?
Cause most people visit blogs for awesome pictures.
So, I share one with ya!

I did not googled 'awesome picture' and copied a link...
That is so not cool.....
Stay cool!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Keep Your Cool

Hey guys.
It's been a while.
I am feeling sickly now. . .
Because, you know. .
M sick. . . (ooooookay, not funny)

So yes, today's topic is to BE COOL
No I'm not talking bout Yolanda's song
(tho it's a nice song, hard to deny)
It's being calm and cool at times of crisis
Easier said then done, I know.

So that day my friend was going on about how her mom nags her and stuff
At first she was like: annoyed. -okay, I got it I got it-
Then it was like: -STOP IT stop stop stop it-
Then it was like: yelling. And the scene ain't pretty.
Being the nice friend I am (heeee!) I tried to comfort her.

The more she describe the situation, the more I froze and realize...
There's a problem of communication between us
Not US as in me and her, but US as in we and our parents.

I'm sure it's not the first time you guys face a problem like that.
You telling your parents something, then they try to help you in their way.
Then you feel like they are over sensitive and over reacting. . . .
Then you start to lose it.

It's typical.
The question comes to:
HOW. . . . . . . . . to avoid situations like that?

Which brings me back to my topic, BE COOL
When you are faced with a situation which does not favor you
1. your cool (as in being calm, do not react immediately)
2. your head (as in your rationality)

Do understand others before wanting others to understand you.
Let them know that you do understand their points by repeating their points
Then try to tell them yours.

Do not lose the chance to communicate because you lose control of your emotions.
Another tip: Smile, take it easy.

So, that's my rant for today.
It's what I've learnt myself.
Keep your cool dude and dudess!
It's not that hard. . . .

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Story bout Relationships

Today I wanna talk about relationships.
I had a friend
She had a great boyfriend, one who treat her as god
He worshiped her, admiring her in every way.
In return he gave her everything he got.
He sacrificed his morning sleep time to accompany her to school/work
He spend thousand worth just to please her with cloths accessories cars
He even endure the moaning and complaining of her daily life
She was as lucky as she could get
But somehow... Down the years of relationship, something happened
She started to act weird, started to displease, started to be the perfect annoyance
Well, it was after her friends told her she can be better
Better off without him that is....
So there goes the relationship
The boy was of course, crushed and crumble...
Refusing to face the reality...
Questioning himself... Where did I do wrong....
Hmm, where did he go wrong?
Maybe he is not as caring as he should be?
Maybe he is too quiet?
Maybe he doesn't express his feelings?

It is not for me to judge anything, maybe something did happen between them.
Maybe we as outsiders cannot see/understand their situations.
Maybe the guy was forgetting the girl's worth, only pleasing her materially...
But I do know one thing.
When we are in good conditions, we tend to take things for granted.
Like our parents, our friends, our mates...
"This is what they SHOULD do" "He is only doing his JOB"
For me, love is a powerful feeling
It is unconditional and it gives you a sense of home coming.
At times we wanted more... Being selfish.
At times we get pissed over their good intention.... Being naive
What would come to in the end?
You do the math....

Appreciate love and let love set us free!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Kiasu Studying

Now I know
Exam blues not only happen to students
But to those coaching the students too

So I was with my student the other day
She looked like she'd done a million things that day
Pale... Down... Tensed...
You get the picture~
I actually spend quite some time helping her thru

It seems like we are living in the "kiasu" world
It's not the first time this issue is being referred to
But for the record, it exists...
So near to us too~
I gotto study because:
- my friends are studying too
- I would lose out a lot if I didn't
- I feel guity

So throw away the book
Play 'The Lazy Song'
Chill~ relax~
Then find a better solution
MAYBE we don't have to read the textbook to ace?
MAYBE we can cover the syllabus in a more efficient way?
MAYBE study ain't that hard?

Been searching for some songs lately
I come across Alicia Key's songs
Her songs suit me well
Blues/Jazz mix
Totally tasteful!

Enjoy YOUR day
that's a demand!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011










Friday, June 10, 2011

me @ home

It's just a random blog bout me being with my family.
My first question is, do you have a younger sibling?
I had one 11 years younger than me,
and i LOVE to play with him!
this is me drawing his wrist
this is my other bro drawing his wrist...
(front side)
(backside XD)

It's fun when you do it.
When he starts with the pen,
this is what you will get...
this is him doing my wrist...

So, my second question.
Had you ever been to an Indian shop to eat?
Oh, I had my dinner with my family in The Curry House Penang yesterday!
And it was very filling...
this was the dip they used with chips!
it's like mixing mint with chili! me like!
Tandoree Chicken!
it was tasty, a bit salt on edges but it's to my satisfaction
aaaaa, nan!!
I like it when you eat it with kuah

So these are the kuah!
we have ah, mutton kurma, that vege thing,
spicy sotong and curry kuah!
All very delicious!

But the thing that surprise me most
is when i ordered something called Mooga
It's an Indian drink
and I'm like, lets give it a try
when it was served, I was like OMG!
There are freaking dried chili in my drink!!!

See? It is an actual dried chili!
Well, the taste was.... SALTY!
It's the first time I drank anything salty as my beverage
It's rather filling, I think it's a mix of milk/yogurt with salt.
Huh, nice experience too~

So that's it!
And whatever those things they say to wish you happiness