Sunday, November 20, 2011

Banning Youtube in uni

This is only from mere thought, I don't wish to offend anyone by writing this blog. =)
Before I entered uni, we were told that the uni offers free Wifi to all students.
With the advancement of technologies, what could possibly go wrong?

So I went in there only to notice they blocked Youtube, that explained the speed.
I was quite sad (this coming from a Youtube addict, it's easy to understand)
But then, after a few weeks, they unblocked the site and Youtube was free to be accessed!
I was trilled, and I continued my 'legacy' of being a Youtube addict.
I've never missed any episode of Niga Higa, David Choi, Sam Tsui, Wongfu Production or Raywilliamjohnson. (*proud*)
It is a form of entertainment for me and I really did make full use of Youtube, even looking up for historical personnel such as Hitler or searching up useful tips or facts from Youtube.

After 1 month, I was browsing through the uni's newsletter when I saw an article about Youtube.
The panels are still debating whether they should ban Youtube again for the sake of the Wifi's speed.
I don't know much about the speed but I do know that from my access point, (my room) it doesn't make any difference.
The speed there is slow, with or without the banning of Youtube because the line are unstable and it would disconnect frequently.
I would prefer to walk to the library to online.
So I was being quite indifferent in this situation.

When I was casually browsing through the net, I saw a notice stating that Youtube has been officially banned (again)
As much as my emotions spiraled down, I managed to keep my cool. (and did not bombarded the place... XD)

I believe, in order to move the uni forward, we should take the daring chances and counter the effects caused rather than stopping the advance in move and curl back to your comfort zone. 
It might be hard, you cannot please everyone in this, but is it better to step forward than to step backwards?
Lifting the ban on Youtube would mean that our Wifi system is improving, despite the slower speed, the authorities/related personnel would act to improve the current situation.
We could widen our experience/exposure and also improve language in a way. ;)
I am not comparing our uni with other uni, where they had already lifted the ban on Youtube ages ago
I am merely hoping that our authorities/student council would look into the matter from different points of view. 

However, I've also heard that the ban on Youtube this time is only temporary.
But who knows when will the ban be lifted this time...

Signing off

-----After a few hours, the ban was lifted, again. @@ this is freaking weird....-----

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