Wednesday, December 26, 2012


People change.
You may come to a point where life is so very different from the one you are accustomed with.
No matter how big or small the changes may be, do take some time to cherish the old days.
It might be as simple as calling your parents/grandparents or writing your name in your native language.
Our identity, our root is the one that made us us.
Without them, we are sailors on nameless boats, bees with no proper home to go to.
Be proud of what you are or where you came from.

Lemme share a story with you.
Jeanie (not real name) was once a normal Chinese girl, she went to a normal Chinese school and was brought up in a very typical Chinese environment. She was showered in the Chinese culture 247, and she accepted the fact that she was one. However, with the advancement in technology, she was exposed to other cultures such as the Western, the Japanese, and lately, the Korean. She went after each and every of them as she changed herself to match herself to different cultures. Cloths, language lessons, behavior and beliefs; one after another, the changes in her made her hollow inside. She became one without root, where she frown upon her parents who are "out of date" and "very old fashioned". She hang out with friends who admire her and accepted her as the cool people. She skipped praying sessions and worshiping ancestors to go for parties and entertainment centers. She was happy with her life...

Even though the story above is imaginary, but I believe some of you might relate to it one way or another. We are not to judge others for what they did, but to improve ourselves if we see fault in others.

Smile and cherish life.

Signing off

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas, on the way!

Do you still believe in Santa? 
It seems matured to not believe. 
But yea, I still do. 
Not the fat guy in red who jumps into chimneys to deliver gifts, 
but the ones in our hearts which warms us when we are cold, 
to give us the courage to say "what the heck, I'll just do it", 
and the one who told us to love life, your family and friends. 
Merry early Christmas and I can't wait till New Year's here!!



And Poof!

Que song "Jingle Bells"
Que song "White Christmas"
Que song "All I want for Christmas is you"


Signing Off

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cake me

Yea, it's not the first time I bake. But this is the first time I tried my granny's recipe.
So, I guess this is a failed attempt of the egg cake 鸡蛋糕~ 

So, anyone wants a bite? X)
Sorry I haven't been updating my blog for quite some time. 
Yea, asses flying everywhere. 
But, I'm gonna post on some of the interesting places I've been to this past few weeks. 
Hopefully short story even? 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Video Inspiration

I watched a video in Facebook with this cutting edge vehicle invented by the Germans.

So... As I was saying, this made me realize that Malaysia as a country can do so much more to minimize workload and to maximize profit. Looking at the poor workers wrapped up in masks working under the blazing sun (they look like the poorer version of the ghost busters btw)... To look at it from a longer term's POV, I would say, it's definitely worth it to invest in technology. Time saving, human power saving; some more, people would actually prefer to WORK like this, with the aircon in the vehicle, the awed look from passengers around you and so. It's actually cool to work in these.

In a partially related note, improving transportation systems around here would really help not only to increase efficiency of the people, but also to bring forth the process of modernization. When people get to travel easier, it helps to boost the economy, education and much much more. These "secondary effects" will be the determiner for a better future in Malaysia. Again, investing in some bullet trains or MRTs does help. Well, you have to make it commercialized first, then to make it user friendly, make it available to everyone, take care of their image (which I find it very important because poor image of local transportation will actually turn people off from riding in it) and etc. It's a heavy job and it takes lots of investments and so.

It's very nice if the above mentioned could be considered. Nicer still if it can be implemented.

Signing off

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Time spent living the drowsy days...

Time seems to move slower at home
It's like everything is caught in a time freeze and nothing much seems to matter
Getting up in PJs was a daily routine
Eating late breakfast was a daily thing too
I like days at home
Where I got to finish a nice novel in a day without as much as eat sleep and work on minimal chores
Where I got to play lame but addictive hp games like farm frenzy lying on the bed with my feet up so high
Where I got to spend my times with my family, going places and having fun....
Days like these were the days I would treasure...
Seems so carefree, so deserted from civilization, so sleepily slow...

Then the assignments came along... :(
So much for that life

Anyways, I get to catch a few glimpse of the drowsy days before I head on to the homework days...

Signing off

Saturday, October 27, 2012

What we did during a wedding dinner...


2 个小傻瓜~









have a nice day! 


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Living in denial

Well, since the weeks has gone and the school work has pilled up, it should be the time to work on my task. But... This is the time when my mind & body choose to take a rest. Go figure. I'd say why must everything be on almost the same due dates? That can literally kill. But yea, life is nice, at least I met lots of friends, some little dramas, twists & turns here & there. Kah-boom~ There you go. A uni student's life in summary. Bittersweet. Good luck to all my friends & friends of friends & basically, everyone coping with their life. Look at challenges of life & give them the finger, someday you can own this. Beat it!


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sorted out!

Yes, after a few attempts, I've finally sorted out........the points for my topic of oral presentation.
You might be surprised at the time I spent to make sure everything goes just right.
I would like to say it's easy for an English student to come out with a persuasive topic to talk about, but it's not.
I drained my brain & searched through countless websites, but it's done, and I'm happy! Heeeee
Anyways, I have 2 quizzes, 2 presentations & a report coming up next week. Yey me!

Have a nice day yall.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wei Zheng 哥哥 Wedding Day gif




May happy endings befall on the lovely couple.
Signing off,

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Roach Poem

Was about to sleep when a small creature crawled,
I caught it with the corner of my eyes as it walked.
Calm and steady I took the Risect and the broom,
swish and splash but it was not sent to it's doom.
Out it flies into my rummie's wardrobe,
what to do but to give it a little shove.
Fortunately we trapped it as we poach,
here ends the story of the nasty cockroach.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012



希望这一点点可以逗你开心哦~ :)

Monday, September 17, 2012

I notice a little something new about myself.

After a few incident, I notice I am someone who would like to be appreciated
thank you smile
Maybe, most people are like that too.
I think there are goods and bads of having this quality.

The Good
When one gives you a good recognition when you accomplish a task - giving a pat on the back, giving great smiles or handshake or returning the favor - you would feel on top of the world, feeling great that you have done something important. It is of the nicest feeling, making one know that they are useful/important in something. It doesn't have to be something massive, just those small everyday things that can turn your frown into a smile, that alone can fuel you through the day. However...

The Bad
When one does not give you the recognition you deserved/wanted (noted that I put wanted there?), you'll get over sensitive and pissed off easily. It's true how saying or not saying or not-saying-with-smile or saying-without-sincerity a normal 'thank you' would give different response from others. (P/S: for you guys out there, insincerity is easy to detect, you don't have to be an expert to know it.) But when situations put you in as the bearer, you would get over sensitive and you lock yourself into a never-ending portal of self-pity, where people mistreat you all the time and your prejudice get ahead of you.

It is sad to know the consequences of possessing a quality. But I think it is how you manage yourself that makes the difference. 
Let's put ourselves outside of the 1st person or 2nd person's POV. Put yourself in a 3rd person's POV instead. 
Would you agree to someone beginning to hate another just because they forget to say a sincere thank you? 
Is it okay for one to make a judgement before knowing that there are several angles to take into consideration? 
Yes, it might not seem appropriate sometimes to allow unfairness. I know cause I am one who values fairness, or as the Chinese call it, 公正.
But, remembering the recognition we seek for, is it a must or is it a desire? 
At times it seems that not all hard-work or efforts made are given the hero's welcoming. 
Those who give incognito are actually the true heros because they are in the level where it doesn't matter whether or not you get the recognition - this is where you have fun giving. 

Relating it to teachings such as the Chinese Buddhism and some celebrations such as Christmas, the spirit of giving is somewhat, the next level to be achieved by men.
This is where some hearts come at peace.
As for me, I would still continue to enjoy my new found quality, but in a conserved way, because I believe in one who may give good recognition to others, for the good of both parties.

Appreciation, is to be given, and to be taken (Wendy, 2012)

Signing off,

Thursday, September 13, 2012




peace out


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Life lessons: Communication

It takes 2 to tango.

We don't have to be taught to understand the importance of communication.
But sometimes somehow, we don't do it.
Because it's what we Chinese refer to as 麻烦, or troublesome.
We are stuck in an era where minds are set to be: if you don't say it out, then others won't know; if others don't know, nobody's gonna bother you and your own sweet world.
Reality is always harsh, in this case, if you don't communicate (well) with others, then in the end, things will not turn out the way you planned it.

Let me share this with you.
I was not one who was trilled with the idea of communication.
Specifically with my parents.
They somehow got to find fault in everything you say and every discussion would turn out to be a lecture. (Boring stuff I know, I still love my parents though.)
But recently, I've found out that it is actually not that hard to talk to them.
Yes sure, everything they say must be out of a handbook or something (Universal Handbook for Asian Parents: Guides and Examples available!)
But as much as you don't like to hear out their lessons or lectures, most of them actually make good advice.
Their messages are as though encrypted by several layers of codes, if you manage to crack them, it'll be raining "golden experiences".
I started to like talking to them as I grow, and I realize the many boring/useful stuff they say to you, most of it is out of care and love.
Awww guys, thanks for making me feel like a star.

Funny Sympathy Ecard: Oh, I don't communicate enough? Maybe if you'd STFU, I could squeeze a word or two in!
No pun intended :)

Anyway, grab a close member of your heart, your parents, your partners, your friends, and communicate. Talk and sort things out, sometimes, the results might even surprise you.
Have a nice day.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Why is updates like these so important you asked?
No one would be interested anyways...
The point of having an update is just to tell everyone

1, I'm still alive and breathing
2, I'm kindda busy with my all too awesome social life
3, I'm too lazy to blog/write stuff
4, My brain capacity is at max
5, I'm just plain lazy...

Point taken?
So Suit Up!

Cause today is gonna be legend-wait for it-dary! LEGENDARY!


Thursday, July 26, 2012

What to do when your lecturer is coming to your internship site to visit?

My lecturer is coming next Tuesday to the company I'm internship-ing in. Besides getting nervous, I came out with a few ways to face the situation in a CALM AND MATURED MANNER 

#1  Pretend you are sick and request for an MC: doctor, I got a megamonterousginomous illness, it's true! I swear my heart skipped a beat just now.

#2  Get injuries on the spot: hit yourself or put your hand in the big big machines nearby... owh, does red means dangerous? I didn't know!

#3  Grow tumor/cancer on demand. And the practicality of it: diminish it when not in use. Esicuseme sir, is this a lump on my hand? OMG IT'S A FREAKING LUMP!!

#4  Look dumb and stare at mid air drooling: aaaagaggggaaaaaaa, hwaaahaaaaaa, brraaaaagaaaaaaaa....

#5  Pretend you are the smart and efficient OL working: Oh yes, I'm very busy, I have 34 Facebook comments, 56 notification and 5 Youtube subscriptions to go through, it gets pretty hectic at times. 

#6  The hostile welcome: HI THERE! You want coffee or tea? I'll get you BOTH! Creamer too! Oh, you gotto try this new cracker I'm having, it tastes like heaven and I bet your whole family would like it, hel even the birds like it......

#7  The introvert style
Lecturer goes: How are you doing here? Have you learn anything? How would you relate the knowledge you have with your current job? 
Me goes: Good. Yes. Appropriate. 

#8  The nervous approach
Lecturer goes: How's everything going?
Me goes: (nervous laugh) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, fine fine fine, I guess, no, I think I know so, hold on, what's your question again? HAHAHAHAHAHA. 

#9  The underground thug/ganster showing swag: You give me the blasted 'A' MF or else, I got your mother's Facebook account! You are warned...

#10 Just keep smiling, just keep smiling... *Speaking with a clenched teeth* HEHEHEHE *SMILE SMILE SMILE* oh hi you look nice today HEHEHEHEHEHE Omigosh did I forget to smile? HEHEHE

Gosh, I hope the lecturer cut me some slack... 

Signing off, 

Sunday, July 15, 2012


最近(是今天 --')看了一个节目, Astro AEC 的老行业,。

我看的那个是第十集,讲述一个住在 Balik Pulau 的老爷爷,天天靠着自己的双手亲自制作那家喻户晓的“水粉”。



那时那有什么ipad, 电脑,电动机等高科技玩意儿?
应该说,忧虑的也不是我们吧... 哈哈
就好象我在课业上读到的诗一样,"He was a man who used to notice such things"? (Afterwards, Thomas Hardy)

这是今天去 cherok to'kun 看到的长颈小乌龟,很开心 to'kun 还能哺育这可爱的小生命。

不然以后还真的是 “笑问客从何处来”咯。。。



Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Internship Blog

Now m under internship. So far so good, but it's kindda boring.
The only good thing bout it, I can access to 9gag in the system. LOL
Wish me luck!


Sunday, June 24, 2012

This is MY challenge!

Being obese is not 'okay' or 'acceptable'.
You have a health problem, you go ahead and solve it!
Do not wait until time runs out then only you fret.

I've lost some weight using Herbalife products, satisfied with the results.
The next step, tuning my body!
Flat tummy is not enough, I want a tummy with shape with muscle and with cool abs
THIS is my challenge!

It's my turn now! YEA BABE!

Let's see if this works.
Time period? I say, maybe a month or so. 
Signing off,

My target:


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Post addiction post: Instant noodles

Hi. My name is Wendy from Penang. And I used to be addicted to instant noodles.
Whooo, what a relieve to say, I finally did it! I conquered my addictions, bedded it and threw it out like yesterday's b*tch!

---------------------------------------My history----------------------------------------
When I was young, I was known as 面婆 by my ah ma, it means "noodle lady".
(let me say, the Mandarin version of it sounds more brutal than the English one)
So the legend goes.
I ate a packet of instant noodles at least once a week.

Longest strike:
When my family and I went to a Malacca trip, I ate instant noodles for 2 meals (not including supper yet). Finished 7 cup noodles in that 3 day trip. I am NOT proud of it.

Worst experience:
It was the time of exam back in 2008, I was having a trial paper for SPM. I was tensed and instant noodle (at that time) was my relieve. I ate 4 packets of instant noodles for 3 consecutive lunch plus a Friday breakfast that week.

------------------------------------Fighting the addiction-------------------------------------
I had a great gang of friends back then; they insulted, forced, blackmailed, and even threatened me to get rid of the habit. But the warning was easily waved off by me. It only managed to make me feel guilty everytime I ate instant noodle, not to the extend of stopping it. But, my 5S3 girls out there, I STILL LOVE YOU GUYS!

It was with Sheng that made me snap. He... Wasn't nice to me about it at all. Instead of the usual "don't eat that, it's bad...", he went on being sweet and encouraging... Reverse psychology, I refer to it as. " Go ahead, eat more, you'll feel the breeze after all your hair drop off anyway". That was hurtful and demoralizing, but it did the trick. I had only 4 packets of instant noodles in Sem 1, and ZERO in sem 2 (which is this sem)! I was clean for approx a year!!!

Now, my hair grew back and I substitute my addictions with something else, usually shakes, mushroom soup (seldom), fruits and others. I AM PROUD OF MYSELF.

Why was I writing this post?
It's the exam season, and that's when you can smell the smell of instant noodles everywhere around the corridor. I walked past room after room of instant noodle smells and I smiled to myself. I did it. =)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Can it be? A flat tummy?!

Well, it came to me as a shock.
I have been drinking Herbalife shakes for a while now.
Besides the losing weight part, I didn't notice any changes to my body...
Not until today...
I was taking a bath when, instead of my usual bulge in my tummy, I feel nothing.
I would not say it is totally flat, but as compared to my old "pregnant with 2 months old" tummy, it is a major change!
And of course, the sit ups I do (thanks to a certain someone who dared me to do it - yes, it's nys) did help.

AFTER: These were taken today 08/06/2012 11:12
Messy room I know, it's study week, I've been studying. @@
I'm still ashamed of some of my pics, cut me some slack. ><

Pictures or it did not happen?

BEFORE: Above were taken on 27/4/2012 09:30

Imma happy happy soul! X)
Thin me, peace out!