Friday, June 10, 2011

me @ home

It's just a random blog bout me being with my family.
My first question is, do you have a younger sibling?
I had one 11 years younger than me,
and i LOVE to play with him!
this is me drawing his wrist
this is my other bro drawing his wrist...
(front side)
(backside XD)

It's fun when you do it.
When he starts with the pen,
this is what you will get...
this is him doing my wrist...

So, my second question.
Had you ever been to an Indian shop to eat?
Oh, I had my dinner with my family in The Curry House Penang yesterday!
And it was very filling...
this was the dip they used with chips!
it's like mixing mint with chili! me like!
Tandoree Chicken!
it was tasty, a bit salt on edges but it's to my satisfaction
aaaaa, nan!!
I like it when you eat it with kuah

So these are the kuah!
we have ah, mutton kurma, that vege thing,
spicy sotong and curry kuah!
All very delicious!

But the thing that surprise me most
is when i ordered something called Mooga
It's an Indian drink
and I'm like, lets give it a try
when it was served, I was like OMG!
There are freaking dried chili in my drink!!!

See? It is an actual dried chili!
Well, the taste was.... SALTY!
It's the first time I drank anything salty as my beverage
It's rather filling, I think it's a mix of milk/yogurt with salt.
Huh, nice experience too~

So that's it!
And whatever those things they say to wish you happiness

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