Thursday, December 15, 2011

Week 14 - I learnt about perspective

I consider myself as 1 who gets influenced easily.
But sometimes when we get accustomed to a certain belief,
you are not in a hurry to accept other than the usual thoughts.
I have 2 stories to share...
Some may struck as controversial cases.
(naturally, I don't want to get into any troubles, it's just merely thought provoking)

Familiar yes?
My lecturer came to this topic when he was lecturing us about the media and how the things media portrayed to be somewhat biased.
He mentioned something about Susan (former CIA asset) from the US making a stand on the 911 case.
She states that there are certain policies at work other than the simple hijack.
She said in her video that 911 was a planned demolition by the US gov.
My initial reaction? WTH is he talking about.
After I watched the video, it opened my eyes as sometimes, things might not be as it seems.
But I make no stand.
I don't say that it's anyone's fault that the 911 happened.
But I never thought about it from any other viewpoints than terrorism.
That's all m saying.

NEP in Malaysia stands for New Economic Policy.
It was carried out a long time ago to boost the Malay's economic power.
The NEP implements quota systems in schools and in work places.
Of course, some of the methods of implementation might offend the other races.
Malay students get an easier access to university than other races and stuff.
During the sociology class, the lecturer (being an Indian himself) told us that this was actually a good thing!
2nd time in that day, my reaction was like: WTH is he talking about NAO.
He told us that in the case of Fiji, the Indians (being immigrant and stronger economically) ruled and the Fiji people was the backdated group.
Because of that, the Fijis, after realizing that their right must be righted, they declare war to their local gov.
He made a comparison of Fiji's case and that of Malaysia.
In Malaysia, we do have unfair cases, but it is this unfair cases that lead to the country's peace.
We do not have wars, we do not have riots.
But of course, this was the case before.
I won't criticize anything on NEP, and I won't say it's the most suitable policy now, but this had, yet again, opened my eyes to another way of viewing something.

These 2 cases had yet again proven that nothing is everlasting, nothing is infinite.
It's the matter of viewpoints that counts.
Who gets the power to say anything is right and who gets the power to punish?
It's all a matter of the way you see it.
I hope this short piece inspired you.
N I repeat, I am merely stating the points I've learnt, I don't want to get into any troubles.

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