Friday, May 28, 2010

Exam Philosophy

Semua orang sedang rajin-rajin belajar untuk peperiksaan. Haha~ So true. Exam's round the corner. So, take a book, munch on it, blend it then drink it. Or, you can crumble up the pages and pretend that you have read it. There's no harm in it.

I like what Mr Koay said yesterday. Failure leads to success. But he encourages us to fail. Haha~ Not a very wise decision. But still, he's got his point. I believe we should make study fun. It's not about grades and it's not that hard. Exam is an evaluation of what we had learn and what we can output. It's just a small checkpoint in life but most of us make a big fuss about it. Well, you do die when you didn't have good grades and good academic results. BUT, it's not the end of the world you know.

So, what if i did not so good this time? I would tell myself, I've worked hard for it and i will NOT regret. Sure, my parents, teachers and close friends would be on my back. But still, this is what makes me better and better. Maybe i can't have full As, but i will improve, you can bet on that.

Mr Koay said another thing yesterday. You do not have to score 100 marks to get an A. True again. Instead of grinding the book and swallowing the whole thing, we should try to eat them bits by bits. Tackle questions that may come out and read on those. I believe objectives are meant to be harder because you are given choices. So we UNDERSTAND the concept. As for structures and essays, we ANALYSE the situation and EVALUATE the main idea and explain the thing. Hehe.

My results maybe not as good as others, but still I tried. I will never stop trying and I will improve myself in every exam. Good luck my friends! (of course, to myself too! ^^)

Signing off, Just me! XD

Monday, May 24, 2010

Come, Makan Lagi! Hoho~

Sunday Makan venue: Tambum 渔村!
Welcome welcome welcome!
This is the place. Somewhere some place in Tambun, where the seafood is at it's best!
Me Me Me! This is Me! Notice my Short-ER hair... Haha~ Chopped it yesterday.
We see many people here. (Duh!) The Chinese refer this as people mountain people sea. @@
Some tidbits out for sale. Bought a Tambun Dao Sha Pia (豆沙饼) M Liking This!
Seafood awaiting their death. Poor guys...
Some weird stuff swimming around...
Chinese translation: Red Lion Fish. English name: Golden Snapper.
My daddy's fav, Garupa!
Crabs! Tied....
Crabs again! Tied also....
The signature fake mountain there. ^^
Pre-dining serving. Peanuts. FYI, for Huiyin, I didn't eat much of this. Pimples lar...
People makaning around...
And Dang dang!! Our meal arrived!
Fried baby sotong. A bit too crunchy for me. Maybe m a bit old liao. Can't chew. Haha.
Yummy point of view.
Wah! Mee Goreng!
Actually, the mee is a bit salty. But who cares. It looks good and I wallop a whole load in matters of seconds.
Aww, cute Louis using the chopsticks. HeeHee.
Before... The marine animal on top is known as the Mantis Prawn.
After... Ta-da! I like this dish. Delicious-nya.....
Just to prove my point. This is me enjoying the dish. Mmm-Mmmmm... Slurps... XD
Fish! Yea! Our kucing family LOVES fish! Daddy, both brothers and me. Fishy... Haha
Sour-sweet gravy to go with it. ^^
Lalalalalalalalalala.... Haha, Vic's fav!
Close up. Forgive me of my lack of technique. It's my handphone's fault. Hoho~
Balitong! I have no idea what that means. But eating this dish requires Skills! Suck the tail Suck the front, if can't come out, Suck the tail again...
My Balitong....
Kelian nia... Some of them just wouldn't come out.... No matter how hard i suck... @@
Haha! Meal---- DONE!
Vic ate a lot that day. But not THAT much actually.. Haha
And we had Dessert!
Ice cubes of different flavors!
Yam! My Fav... Hehe.
Nice lor! Cooling juicy feel. Hehe
And this concludes my sunday night out with my family. Cheers! (M hungry again just looking back at those pictures...)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

~Ban San~

Haha~ Back to Ban San yesterday again to have dinner. Have a look see!
This is me. Whoo i like my simple outfit tat day~ *^^* Blush Blush
This is where we were last nite. Looks cosy hor... Actually, it's beside a main road. Hoho~
This is what we had. I honestly had no idea what recipe they use, but the outcome's kindda weird. See below later.
They had a 唱大戏 d over the road. In Cantonese! Too bad i didn't had the chance to really enjoy it. Tummy hungry and all.
Uncle Anuties sitting around yam cha. Enjoy-nya life mereka.
The main road beside the place my family and me makan.

Whoo! I love their glass. (strictly speaking, they are plastics. What should i call them? Plastics??)
Daddy eating the famous Ban Chang Kuih, which i find not bad. ^^
Dang dang dang dang!!! OH CHEN!! My fav! Oh chen is quite famous here. It's actually oyster fried with eggs and some flour i guess... XD
Yum Yum Yum Yum~
See see... Lateral View~ (saliva dripping....)
An oyster dipped in sause...........
Off it goes into my mouth! Wahahaha~
It was gone before we knew it.... Amen~ It all happened so fast... Hehe~
And......... I can't believe my baju wanted a taste of the oyster too... Geez....
Ta da.. The main I-don't-know-what dish!
Add in some chili and soay sause...
And a big plate of yucky stuff... With fish and some ginger (i dun fancy ginger) and tofu... Weird combinations.....
Slap it all into your bihun....
Then that's it. Eat up! It tasted quite normal. Just a big mass of gravy and some fish. Nothing too special actually.
Mommy choosing the food CAREFULLY.....
Kakak finishing her bowl of I-don't-know-what.
My daddy... Enjoying the scenary around after dinner.
After meal walks at the ban san.
And that, ladies and gents, is my night at Ban San BM.
Signing off,
Just me! XD