Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Story bout Relationships

Today I wanna talk about relationships.
I had a friend
She had a great boyfriend, one who treat her as god
He worshiped her, admiring her in every way.
In return he gave her everything he got.
He sacrificed his morning sleep time to accompany her to school/work
He spend thousand worth just to please her with cloths accessories cars
He even endure the moaning and complaining of her daily life
She was as lucky as she could get
But somehow... Down the years of relationship, something happened
She started to act weird, started to displease, started to be the perfect annoyance
Well, it was after her friends told her she can be better
Better off without him that is....
So there goes the relationship
The boy was of course, crushed and crumble...
Refusing to face the reality...
Questioning himself... Where did I do wrong....
Hmm, where did he go wrong?
Maybe he is not as caring as he should be?
Maybe he is too quiet?
Maybe he doesn't express his feelings?

It is not for me to judge anything, maybe something did happen between them.
Maybe we as outsiders cannot see/understand their situations.
Maybe the guy was forgetting the girl's worth, only pleasing her materially...
But I do know one thing.
When we are in good conditions, we tend to take things for granted.
Like our parents, our friends, our mates...
"This is what they SHOULD do" "He is only doing his JOB"
For me, love is a powerful feeling
It is unconditional and it gives you a sense of home coming.
At times we wanted more... Being selfish.
At times we get pissed over their good intention.... Being naive
What would come to in the end?
You do the math....

Appreciate love and let love set us free!

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