Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Invasion of society & culture

This is from a course in soc science
I’ve heard rumors about the lecturer being very impressive
So I sneak into a class too!
It had really made an impact in me in the sense that
It makes your brain think rather than absorb
Cool eh? XD

My question of the day is: Why is nose picking/farting etc a ‘disgusting’ act?

I am sure, there are times when you feel the itch or the ‘stuffing’ in your nose rather annoying
And you would just want to just slightly scratch it…
Maybe put your little finger in it
Ahh, yes, that’s the spot, that’s that yucky stuff
And you notice there are a few of your friends snickering beside you
“What’s so funny?”
“OMG, you NOSE PICKER! Hahahaha”

What about the time when you feel your tummy twisting and turning?
You feel like your tummy is having its own wrestling federation inside
And the gas is winning
Maybe if I open my butts wider, it might make no sound…
Okay, let’s try this…
“PHUUUUTTTSSS” Oh god YES… The satisfaction…
Then people around you started to stare…
OMG, did I do that out loud?
Then you’ll feel your cheeks getting hotter and yet you try to act natural
@@ *twisting head around looking confused and walk away as fast as possible*

Let me let you in with a fact
When you’re in the mid of doing those ‘disgusting’ act
Have you ever think about: Hey, other people might do that as well! They have shit in their nose & poison in their small intestine too! It’s perfectly normal for me to do so.
NOPE, you go straight to thinking that: ohGOD ohGOD ohGOD, what would people think about me when they heard/see me… It’s so embarrassing; I would never have a life again, EVA!
Okay, so I’m going a bit too far about the life thing
But you get my point right?
Even Shrek says: Better out than in I always say. *smug look*

Sometimes it’s the society’s and the culture’s doing.
You feel embarrassed because you are taught to be.
There are no rules saying that it’s wrong.
Biological speaking, you are perfectly normal to have actions like that.
Just like it’s perfectly normal that everyone can’t be number one in class, everyone do fail & fall sometimes and you accidently killed you fish because you forget to feed them. @@
(I hope that won’t happen to me. BTW, I’m raring 2 in my hostel. XDXD)
Why the invasion?
Sometimes we are brought up from different backgrounds
We are taught to NOT do this, to NOT do that, to do things we don’t like, things we hate to eat are always the most nutritious ones

It’s not to say I’m biased
But sometimes it’s good to question formality
To do self checks
Whether it is useful, it is meaningful & it is beneficial
Rather than just to ‘follow the norm’

Come to think of it.
Nose picking and farting are annoying at times
It’s normal to see your shit but it’s disturbing to see other’s shit.
Owh, and the strong smell…
Do it privately kay?

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