Saturday, August 6, 2011

Reunion with Rach (hey it rhymes!)

♪ Taking one step at a time walking hand in hand 
Naw, we did not walk hand in hand in fact.
But actions are not required for an old friend's heart warming reunion.

We went to Mengkuang and the Big Pasar downtown.
What you don't remember the Big Pasar downtown?
NOW... Do you remember?

Here she is, my girl, Rachel!
We ate the famous 米台目
Then after, we went to have a walk around.
Let the pictures do the talking.


Here are the photos of the Dua Pek Gong
It's the Hungry Ghost Festival
And of course, people are praying.

 Nice offerings.

So that sums up my short reunion with her.
It was a nice day and I had tonnes of fun.
 She even bought back some Kuih Bahulu for her bro.


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Matured thinking?

It depends on how you define it.

What is matured?

Is smart matured?
Is it knowing what you might expect matured?
Is being realistic matured?

Who knows...

Some feel that earning money and paying bills are matured.
Some feel that going thru difficult times make you matured.
Some think that by doing what people say it's "right" makes you matured.

What is the "right" side and which is the "wrong/left" side?

What makes something "good" and something "bad"?

You know, it's all in yourself.
You made the rules.
You have the choice.... To choose.

Smile~ =)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Seriously, I don't know how to title this blogpost

Hey guys, it's been a while.
Where have I been?
*music: everyday m shufflin!* 
*legs swinging wildly in sick dance moves!*
I keed.
I've been going through with life - breathing, is the term~

So today I wanna talk bout Targets in life
(oh no is she gonna do those inspirational talk which bores people to death?)
YES, yes I am.
*wink* =D

I know for a fact that we sometimes live life miserably.
Woke up late? Life is meaningless.
Forget to take breakfast? Life is meaningless.
Bad hair day? Life is meaningless.
2+2=? Life is meaningless.
67-65/34^5#4(0*170)=? Life is truly meaningless.
Face it, we are a hopeless pile.
Life as we summarize it = Facebook eat then Facebook again, 
with the occasional blogging and twittering.
So, how to we get rid of all these and "embrace life"?

FIRST, get rid of negative thoughts, as in try thinking things positively.
FROM: OMG, it's raining, I freaking hate it, it's so boring when it rains....
TO: Yey! I can have more time indoors playing with Facebook!
See? Rain never hits indoors. =)

SECOND, be confident.
FROM: You know, I think I can do this, yea, it's just a little prank, nobody's gonna know me right?
Yep, that's gonna leave a mark....

THIRD, be yourself.
FROM: Hey girl, want me to buy lunch for ya?
TO: Hey girl, can I eat that? (fingers pointing at her plate)
Being yourself ROCKS!!

Okay, I ran out of lame points and examples.
But you guys ain't paying attention too right?
Cause most people visit blogs for awesome pictures.
So, I share one with ya!

I did not googled 'awesome picture' and copied a link...
That is so not cool.....
Stay cool!