Sunday, April 27, 2014

Key Painting

My parents bought locks and keys which looked alike.
It had been troublesome for us to get used to the new locks.
So, I decided to paint it. :)

Le me prepping with art 
I covered half the key to make the nail paint stick to only the top part.
Afterwards, I designed the keys. 
I used a total of 6 colours to decorate the keys 
(4 main colours and 2 supplementary ones)

Drying process is a drag, cause I have to make sure all locks and keys are dried before I continue. 
As you can see, I've used paper cups and I put holes in the ends of them to make the keys stand so they won't touch each other during drying.
Hot sun was helpful.

I'd say I prefer the hot sun to the cool aircon. 
I felt that the sun dries up the keys and locks better. 

The end product!

I loved the way the colours come in contrast.

Shiny Pink, Polka Dots Yellow, Strips Blue, Mixed Yellow-Blue and Bright Red

I don't think I'll mix up my keys and locks again.

It took me quite some time, but I managed to finish it before noon. 
Aaaand this is how I spend my weekends NOT doing my assignments. X)
Have a nice day beautiful pepo!


Sunday, April 20, 2014


It's so easy for others to pass off a condolence or comment by saying "I 'understand' you"...
But does it really help tho?


I was surfing the net and I saw a post asking for inputs regarding a security problem in my school.
Being the natural sampat I am (I don't deny it) I responded with a recent situation I've met with.
It was not easy sharing some personal awful experience as many a times, it might show too many emotions and generate some misunderstanding.
Hence I made the post as unbiased as possible. (Trust me, I'm an English for Pro student. lol...)
Instead of a kind acknowledgement of the requester, a Keyboard Hero (1) responded my post coolly by saying that 'I understand, BUT I'm sure everything would have been better if you have been polite'
Ask me how do I feel... I double dare you, ask me!

Note (1): someone who is the 'hero' of the internet, typing away nasty comments without having to give concern to any other parties.


Well... I felt that I was being shamefully humiliated.
1st, it was hard for me to share out that particular problem as it deals with the security (authoritative wise)
2nd, I was judged because of something the Keyboard Hero thought I was neglecting. (in this case, politeness)
Sometimes, I can understand why young teens responded with immature comments like "you ain't me, you don't know me!"
In that particular situation, I'd just like to shout out to this Mofo's face by saying "Geez you think? The answer is sooooo obvious, why hadn't I think of that??"
In fact, the point of me saying that it was hard for me to share it is BECAUSE I felt sad:
when I thought I was doing the right thing by being polite at first, that fella from security was so sure about the possible multiple crimes I've conducted, he accused me and started piling up the offences I've made (of course, I'll still leave the part of him being awfully rude to me out).


But I choose to deal with the situation in a calm manner.
I did nothing to that awful post and left it at there.
Cause the whole point of me posting to that post was to contribute to this poor guy's research.
Hence, no rude comments from me defending myself whatsoever.
Yey me!
Achievement Unlocked: Zero F*cks given!


I remembered a post I've read a few weeks back, the title goes something like 'worst ways to console your depressed friend'
One of them was saying "I understand you"
If we have not been through similar experience with them, it's better to leave that one out.
Saying that will only project you as being the annoying and snobbish 'know-it-all' that looked down on your friend, which well, might make your depressed friend more suicidal.
So, think twice before you judge or comment.
Especially if your comments include that the term "I understand you"

Greetings Beautiful People
Yea sorry my format of writing had changed to be more thesis like.
I'm gonna have a shytload of assignments piling in and I needa get prepared.
Well, I thought the new format was pretty good don't ya think?
Peace beautiful people.
May you unlock more zero f*cks achievements in life!


Friday, April 11, 2014

Home Made Cheese Fondue!

It's the mid sem break again!
And I'd say it's been very fruitful indeed.
And, I've also tried my hands into cheese fondue!
Been inspired months ago after watching this video. 

So when I was with my mom shopping for our weekly groceries, my mom was kind enough to buy me some cheese...
And the Fondue begins!

I first prepared the ingredients needed to be dipped, namely tomatoes, prawns, sausages and bread croutons.
Then I mix the fondue by adding shredded cheese with some corn starch and milk and I heat it.
There you have it!!!
Cheese Fondue!
Bread Crouton with Cheese

 My homemade fondue

Yum Yum

My family and I definitely enjoyed this fattening snack. :)

Signing off