Thursday, September 22, 2011

World Car-Free Day

Okay, I saw this news in the Star Online
I am amazed by the CYCLING effort put into making a stand in conjunction with the World Car-Free Day
(Somehow I feel a 'but' coming out-- you say?)
I think cycling is not practical in other places.
This is the 'way of life' in Malaysia
Our destinations are almost always far from our home

Take myself for example
I have to travel 25 mins to school when I was in secondary (by car)
And if I were to cycle to school everyday....
I would have to wake up at 5.20am daily
Taking account of me sleeping at 12am after I've covered my revisions,
It's not an attractive option for me

I've seen a forum about the economy of Malaysia in Astro
One of the panel was talking about the basic needs in Malaysia

"Malaysia is different from other countries because it is a NECESSITY for families to have a means of transport of their own. In Singapore, people need not worry about transportation because they have MRT; in Japan most people travel to work or school by Bullet Trains. We do have public transport in Malaysia, Rapid buses and the KTM, but the time gap between buses and trains are long and the time unpredictable in most cases, the conditions of the public transports are not as good (we see accidents of public buses quite frequently) as compared to other countries. The people tend to depend on their own means of transportation to travel."

FYI this is only an extract taken from the panel

(meaning it's not my saying)
But somehow I do agree with him.
After travelling by the public bus for a couple of times,
I see that these conditions of the public transportation are actually quite true.
People go for their own means of transport for better time management and comfortableness.

Hmm, is it better to promote World Car-Free Day by using cycling


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