Sunday, April 22, 2012

Human Nature

LET 105 week 9, we learnt about human nature.
Vain, pride, love, hatred...
It is an ending string of emotions and behavior.

Dr.T asked us, why would a man justify, reminisce, empathize and regret his actions? (we were studying Thomas Hardy's The Man He Killed)
I answered jokingly, "because he is human"
I don't know how much my words can carry.
Dr.T said, yes, it is the human nature that causes man to act indecently.

He then tells us, many countries are still at war nowadays.
If, let's say, we put aside all of the human nature and behavior, can different countries be friends? Can enemy be friends?
The whole class went quiet, deep in thought.
Yes, I believe, if not for the vanity, the selfishness, also including the materialistic and others, enemies can actually be friends.

This reminds me of an interview with Lee Chong Wei I saw last week.
He said, even though he and LinDan were fierce enemy (probably arch enemy) in the badminton court, off court, they are good friends.
They can talk about anything, cars, family and others, except badminton.
Made me realize, the man is so vulnerable with these flaws, but yet, it is this very flaw that made us human. 
Salute to Thomas Hardy, salute to the beauty of being imperfect.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Penang Friends' Reaction on Earthquake

It's a 'new' thing here cause... 
Well, we never had earthquake (that serious) here before...

I heard it's an aftershock of the Bandar Aceh 8.7 earthquake. (condolesence to everyone there)
What happens here? (Most are taken from FB statuses XD)

- OMG earthquake!

- Am I shaking or is the ground beneath me shaking?

- Run for your life!!!!!

- 2012 is happening! The end is near...

- Is it an earthquake? No I don't think so, must the construction on-going

- Whoa, this is cool~

- Weee! First time feeling the earthquake

- Pening pening pening pening... @@

- Yes, I don't have to do assignments!

- Pray for Indonesia...

- Call friends and family, ask "Ei u feel it ah?"

- Sing "I feel the earth, move, under my feet; I feel the sky tumbling down...."

- I feel it here in XXX part of Penang, I feel it there in XXX part of Kedah...

- Treasure life, love your family, die in peace...

- MOST IMPORTANTLY, post everything in Facebook (o.0)

And I was yelling at my family members to come down and hide... Silly me...