Friday, July 1, 2011

Kiasu Studying

Now I know
Exam blues not only happen to students
But to those coaching the students too

So I was with my student the other day
She looked like she'd done a million things that day
Pale... Down... Tensed...
You get the picture~
I actually spend quite some time helping her thru

It seems like we are living in the "kiasu" world
It's not the first time this issue is being referred to
But for the record, it exists...
So near to us too~
I gotto study because:
- my friends are studying too
- I would lose out a lot if I didn't
- I feel guity

So throw away the book
Play 'The Lazy Song'
Chill~ relax~
Then find a better solution
MAYBE we don't have to read the textbook to ace?
MAYBE we can cover the syllabus in a more efficient way?
MAYBE study ain't that hard?

Been searching for some songs lately
I come across Alicia Key's songs
Her songs suit me well
Blues/Jazz mix
Totally tasteful!

Enjoy YOUR day
that's a demand!

1 comment:

Lindy said...

Yeah, we live in a kiasu world right now. :) Alicia keys, I bet you would love this song of hers, its called Wait Til You See My Smile. Checkit out. :)