Thursday, December 29, 2011

Final is the time to be philosophical

Now you would probably be thinking:
- Why am I here studying my butt off?
- What is the point of me studying and working so hard?
- Why exam, why being haunted by pieces of papers and grades?
- How is it possible for others to study and have fun but not me?
- How to conquer stacks of paper and memorize it?
- 2012 is coming and we are studying?
- To study or not to study?
- Why sacrifice so many for a good grade with no payments?
- Would this make me happy?
- Blame the education ministry and the government...
etc etc...

Well, I am thinking of the same stuff too.
Anything's more interesting than studying now. XD
Good luck to all my friends who are having their finals soon!
Cheers and smiles everyone!!

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Rynna said...

goodluck!! - ruilynn :)