Thursday, November 26, 2015

My Braces Journey - Part 2

25 Nov 2015 - 7pm

The day before I got my braces, I was surprisingly calm (well, the few days prior to this in which I'm reading profusely / panicky about how to handle the first day of getting braces doesn't really count :P)
So I proposed to my friends that we had a night off before I say goodbye to good food temporarily. 
Bachelor party for my crooked teeth before they got Tied Down... AmIRightPeople??? 
(heh, excuse the lame pun)
I have awesome friends... 
They agreed to it without a second thought! 
(Awww, I love you guys)

Love you pepo! 
Even though you guys are a bunch of weirdos :P

My food itinerary goes something like this:
Chocolate Mousse Cake @ Dolce Dessert House
Al-Cabonara Linguine @ Soul Cafe
Hokkien Mee @ Green House Hokkien Mee Burmah Road

In which they are finished in a short span of 3 hours. 

So that's it!
Au Revoir Ms.Crooked!

 26 Nov 2015 - 9am

Woke up, brushed my teeth, took a bath, washed my hair... (why am I telling you guys all these)
Had a wholesome breakfast which consist of my mom's homemade roasted chicken wings along with Angel Hair pasta. (I'm in heaven)
Went to the orthodontist, aaaaaaaaand waited for my turn.
My mom had her filing done first, then I hopped on the dental chair that looks like the twisted man from The Saw would had so much fun there.
My orthodontist was patient and skillful, and loheng cause he likes to 'zhat' me... hahaha. 
I got Damon braces glued to my teeth, then a wire attached to those brackets. 
Took about 1 hour. 
It was relatively painless (except for that one time the orthodontist hissed and said "Aiya...." and that scared the wits out of me) and everything went quite well. 
I went home feeling well and prepared.....

Lenglui with braces

BUT, I was totally wrong. 
Days before, I prepared myself for the worst, gums infection. 
That happens when the metal brackets scraped the inner walls of your mouth. 
So I was wary enough to ask for dental wax from the orthodontist. (Feeling smart here)
Feeling like I've triumphed, I went home with a crooked and swollen smile. 
Only to realize, that's not the worst part,,,,

After I've got my braces fixed, I felt literally nothing, more like a foreign object on my teeth... 
After a few hours, these 'foreign objects' started to carry their weight... 
Not forgetting that constant pulling of the metal wire that literally Realigns your Jaw!
Towards the afternoon, I experienced a nagging headache... 
Well it went off after some rest. 
In the evening however, it felt kinda itchy! 
BTW, I am now on a soft diet, so I'm glad my friends and my mom prepared me for that. <3 div="">

So yea!
That's about it! 
A short update on my journey. 
Perhaps I'll come back when I experience something new.
Till next time lovely pepo!

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Saturday, November 7, 2015

My Braces Journey - Part 1

In 2013, I made the brave decision to get my braces done...
But it wasn't until 2015 that I gathered the balls to proceed.

I had terrible teeth since I was in secondary school. 
I always thought that a crooked teeth is no big deal as I was not "earning my living by using my face" (靠脸吃饭)
It started to get worse when I was in my uni. 
That's when I got the urge to get braces, for aesthetic purpose of course. 
But that wasn't a good enough motivation. 
Cause right after I got one of my wisdom tooth removed (along with 2 weeks of jaw swelling and the agonizing memory of the dental surgery), I was ready to give up. 
I put the braces thingy aside in hopes that my teeth would "move and straighten itself" post surgery.

Terrible memory of my swollen jaw after wisdom tooth extraction

NOPE, I was sooooo wrong. 
After I grad I started to busy myself with work. 
It was until after 1 year that I realize how annoying my crooked teeth are. 
First, it was hard for me to clean my teeth cause of overcrowding. 
Second, how easy those plaque appear. 
Third, the overbite is getting worse.
Fourth, the times I woke up only to realize I accidentally bitten my tongue while I sleep.
Fifth, those photos that I was tagged in... 
And these were the last straws... 

Got my ass back to the orthodontist's office a few weeks back. 
Gone were my other wisdom tooth and 3 other of my teeth. 
Now I'm pre-braces ready. 
Honestly, I don't know if I should laugh or cry when the dentist said I looked like 九王爷

Getting over the extractions was the worse part of it so far. 
You getting woozy post surgery is a piece of cake compared to the after-effect when the anesthetic went off. 
It's like your body is angry at you for getting rid of these teeth, and they are taking revenge on you. 
But I guess the pain / annoyance of missing these teeth is more in my head than actual suffering. 
I took extra care to not piss my other teeth off; eating slowly, brushing slowly, rinsing slowly, moving slowly... 
Basically, I live a sloth life. 

What's next? 
The braces will get on. 
Metals, on my teeth... digging into my mouth... 24/7...
The only upside of it is that I'll definitely be slim... 
Let's see what will happen next! 
Hopefully I got the energy for Part 2 in future. 


Monday, October 19, 2015

My Green Eyed Monster

After making a quick scroll in Facebook, I had fallen prey to the egoism of social media...
Succumbing to the jealously that arise from looking at what fame or fortune can do to people. 
Looking at my friends being chic, enjoying life, or achieving something, I felt myself envying their success. 
Looking back at myself and what I'm doing, I felt the pang of helplessness. 
I too,  wish for so much more in life, but it seems so far fetch still... 

To think of it from another point of  view, I have yet to actually do something for myself. 
Yet to make changes drastic enough for any observable improvement. 
I need to keep going, keep moving...
But, to where? 
That's the ultimate question. 

I guess that's life. 
You'll never know if you're doing the "right" thing for yourself until you explore everything. 
Here I am, exploring my options. 
At times I do stray, lured away by my green eyed monster... 
Them telling me that it's easier to just start afresh or start somewhere new. 
I've given myself some time to try out this particular path. 
And I do plan to stick to it for a while. 
Well, if all things do go wrong, at least I lived to say I've tried. 

To be honest, I'm actually quite contented with my current life. 
This lifestyle is just nice, towards my comfort, but it has its ups and downs. 
I wonder if I am able to get through this life for another 3/5 years. 
I wish I can do so much more in life. 
Make a name for myself, be somebody... 
I guess I'll have to leave that to fate to decide when it'll happen. 

Well I guess that's what I call the mid twenties crisis 
Now that I'm in this particular age, I can't help remembering the last time I met with a dear friend of mine, huiyin. 
She told me the same thing, that she was facing this dilemma in her work. 
But to me, she was very positive in her outlook of life, very strong in keeping to her dreams. 
Sometimes, I do wish I have a foreseeable dream. '
Maybe being 'cincai' is not a good thing too. 

All in all, I hope this nagging feeling does leave me eventually. 
Hopefully, I can be way more than what I am now. 
I imagine myself, doing stuff that actually impact and inspire. 
I need that day to come to me, sooner or later. 
-end of rant-

Signing off

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Rants on Rabies - Stray Dog Killing Issue in Penang

Unless you're staying in a small cabin in the middle of nowhere, you'd probably know what is happening now in Penang.
Lemme summarise. 
  1. Rabies cases in Penang (other cases in Kedah and Perlis) 
  2. Government declare killing of stray dogs 
  3. Dog loving people pissed 
  4. Internet war on stray dogs vs human rights (even to the extend of playing politics)

That's about it. 
My two cents? 
Well, I tried to look from both sides of the situation, reading posts and comments from both pov. 
Sad to say, I can't see any solid points for those opposing the killing of strays. 

No Killing Stray People Say
  • Pets have rights too
  • There's other ways to deal with this
  • Gov being cruel to animals
  • NGOs had pooled a big sum of money for vaccines
  • There's already no cases in Penang 
Killing Stray People Say
  • Stray life vs human life
  • It's to protect human and home pets
  • No funding, budget, or enough TIME to vaccine strays
  • Vaccines in shortage, not even enough for home pets
  • Better safe than sorry
Looking back at previous epidermic of the Swine Flu or Bird Flu etc, there are not as much opposition as compared to dogs.
I'd say only business owners like those with pig or chicken farms voiced out. 
Even with that, masses after masses of poultry are killed. 
This proved 2 things
One, Penangnites have great heart for dog loving, and I respect that (I love dogs too). 
Two, they don't care enough or aren't educated enough to make any opposition. 
(Aaaaand, social media was not as popular back then as compared to now)

On a separate but related case, I saw a video the other day where a female dog owner holding her pet was which was struck by Rabies
It was hard to watch... 
The dog was totally out of control - mad, convulsion, twitches, gnarling and salivating everywhere,  not to mention trying to bite the owner, pooping and peeing and just plain aggressive. 
At first, I was very convinced by the video title saying that this owner is very kind to her dog, standing by it when it needed her most. 
BUT, after scrolling through comments, one comment from a vet actually appealed to me. 
The vet was a UK grad, saying that actually, this is not the best way to "help" the dog, instead, it is putting the owner in danger (as the saliva might infect her too)
The best way, according to the professional, is to put the dog in a dark confinement / room, tend to it only if there's protective gear on you. 
And I actually did a quick search on Google to check for the validity of the saying.
Huh... That totally put things in a different perspective. 

Sometimes, it's easy to get carried away by the touching or warmhearted people's words.
They called it the Grapevine effect (people judging or posting based on what somebody else had said)
While I do agree that they are entitled to their POV, I think the government is only trying to do what's best, financial and time wise. 
Many of these 'posts' and 'comments' are plain emotional, without proper reasoning, without proper education / research, and just downright rude. 
However, if NGOs are trying their best to stop the killing, I do hope they can save as much strays as their ability permits, THEN proceed with the next step of finding suitable owners who are willing to take them into good and healthy homes. 
Or else, that would be another new problem in their end. 
But I like to add, opinions are just opinions, like mine, they are not facts. 

Picture taken from

There's a 3rd case of Rabies in Penang 2 days back. 

I wish all the best to our beloved Penang. 
For a better tomorrow.

Signing off

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The time we went to Hatyai and it was Awesome

During a random late May weekend, a few of us decided to Hatyai...
Because, why not??
So we hopped on a van and off we go! 
Van transfer from Penang to Hatyai around RM70-80 per person. 

On the van bringing us there

Stayed at Red Planet

Big C loot!

They had this TV camera thingy and we totally abused it

Trying on hats
Jason vs Sheng

Floating market

Going back via Tuk Tuk

Jalan in Lee Gardens

Cheap German beer



Last minute massage! 

Nice massage place near our hotel

Resting at Red Planet while waiting for the pick up van

Good thing too cause it rained right after we came in

OTW back, we met with this lil fella
Jason's new K-gia

Blurry photo

Hyper kid

Patient mom and 'dad'

At border
Very hard to get a nice pic

Take 2

Take 3

yey finally! 

Breaking composure

That's about it!
2 days 1 night
Totally random and totally awesome.
Thanks guys for a wonderful memory
Let's do that again soon!


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Jumpstreet 2015!

Truth to be told, I've been tucking away lots of precious memories cause I haven't got the time to upload / update it. (or, you may say I'm plain lazy / Imma procrastinator - don't judge me lol)
Anyways, here's what we did sometime ago. (and by sometime ago, I mean half a year ago haha)

On a random day, my friends and I decided to go to Jumpstreet Penang, it's located at D'Piazza Mall.
More info here.
So we've made bookings and such, only to arrive late...
Poor Chris and Pheyee had to wait for us.
Upon registering, we have to buy a pair of special socks each!
Well these socks are kinda cool looking too!

Off we go! 
We did so many crazy stuff, BUT luckily it was all recorded! 
Muahahaha *insert evil laugh here*
Check it out! 

We ended out little Jumpstreet adventure in a happy but tired note. 
Pics or it didn't happen? 
We're all very tired after jumping here and there

Yey group photo!

See those people behind me? 

Pattern banyak macam badminton... 

The three 'musk-erteers' 

Look at those sexy knees tho

Awesome shoot!

(Luke's reaction when Darth Vader told him he's his father...)


Who are those posters... 

OMG they're so weird...

Heee, there're still many adventures pending. 
I'll update and upload them ASAP! 
Can't wait for our next adventure.