Friday, December 25, 2009

monalisa's many personality~

the many faces of monalisa~ XD

silent night~

listening to those 潇洒 d songs in past-christmas night,
really calm your mind and get youself in the mood~
it wasn't a very merry christmas for me,
but who's complaining...
i got my bio project and prefect camp up~
i just can say, gotto to means gotto do!
good night world~

Friday, November 13, 2009

Farmville madness!

my mom's farm... 2 big ler... hehe

my farm! nice nice red tulips ready 4 harvest! ^^
farmville famrville farmville~~~ every1's so crazy bout it... hehe. i was introduced 2 it by---- my mom... kakax. she was ady level 5 or 6 whn i 1st started... let me say, it was crazy! ok. tis is d way we played it. we send each other gift, build our farms, harvest a lot, buy qq animals, visit other ppl's farm n earn mny money! hehe. it's an artificial farming experience, whereby d crops are harvested in matter of days.... hehe. thn there was some poor animals 2 b adopted, buildings to buy, vehicals and decorative items 2 purchase... hehe. it's fun whn u got d company 2 ply facebook games. my mom was shouting to me when she 1st bought her harvester, her seeder, her dairy farm, her animals, n pratically everything in farmville~ hehe. how nice... then, urged by her n more importantly, the need 2 catch up 2 her, i was into it deep 2... hehe. i cn say, mny are starting to get hooked on to tis game, i even saw our teachers ********shhhhhhhhhh********** harvesting using d school computers..... it was reli crazy! hehe. any1 hu's reading should try d game... it'l b fun guranteed! hehe. ^^

Monday, October 26, 2009

Reasons To Always Carry A Camera! Cheese!

ain't it a beauty~ cross legged!

the nemo birds are back, only in different colour.... mate mate mate!!

smal cat: m juz dropping by~ XD


wedding day@cake, it was gone b4 the ceremony begun...

aiya~ 不小心给你拍到我粗鲁的一面...


i wan i wan i wan i wan i wan i wan i wan~~~~ nuts...

wet wet liao.... my butt.....

people should give more attention to rising global temperature.... d lions are H-O-T


cat-nabed.... kakax

one msia~ one ecosystem...


dog n dolphine~ where is d relationship???

i especially like tis! spy catz... kakax


blek you back..... XP...

we learn to share with 'others'...

dog small or hen big? so cute! XD

People in the fame - do you know them???

tis is sooooooooooo interesting.... try 2 spot d peoples that u may noe.... i see gandhi, bill gates, einstein, 秦始皇, 李小龙, n mny... try n c! ^^

Friday, October 9, 2009

For our Yen Kee prefect

Guess mny of u ady noe bout yen kee prefect d situation; emails and facebook, word on the streets and even the newspaper... it's true that she needs the money for her operation. We've got d privilage to visit her lately and i think, she is very brave. She was smilling whn we chat and not even a hint or trace of uncomfortness or sadness... I do admire her spirit and i do hope that we all too, are strong and willing to give help to our beloved prefect. I saw mny of my frens hu r vry helpful and thy reli do try their vry bez to help her. I m touched and i wil gladly join in their fight and contribute more effort. Tis was our hui yin prefect's blog showing her care, 颜绮学长,加油! Plz do visit and help our yen kee prefect as much as possible! We wish you luck, we hope alongside with you, for better or worst, you'l always got us, even when you are sad or tired, don't lose faith, we fight, together! Yen kee prefect, gambate!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

[千と千尋の神隠し] いのちの名前 平原綾香 with 久石譲 [spirited away]




随便讲讲一些我相信大家都熟悉的电影: 千与千寻,移动城堡,天空之城,猫的报恩,梦幻街的少女,幽灵公主,魔女的宅急便.. 太好看了!!!!最近很疯石久让的歌,一首一首在youtube看,看了想哭但又要继续看,生活过得还算精彩... 喜.. 最无聊的是,还是有人和我一样疯耶... 有知心鲁! XDXD 好几个朋友在学校时也聊宫崎骏的作品聊到... 几兴奋一下.... kakax. 其实,我真的有很久一下没好好的投入一样东西,现在读了书去弹弹歌曲,觉得好像早回以前的我一样,感觉......自在.... ^^ 也许进了先修班后,一头盲目的钻进书堆和学长团的事物里,没有 "me" time... 呵呵.. 现在真的很轻松鲁.. 昨天还有闲情带两个弟弟和ah kong ah ma去游车兜兜风,还去到jusco~ 爽鲁... hehez. 好啦好啦,我也不好谈太多,还是要读书(和做数学啦..) 嘻... 顺便share share一些好听好听的歌哦~