Saturday, November 5, 2011

Live wealthy, die poor; or live poor, die wealthy?

First, i'm gonna share with you a thought, then a story, then my opinions.

Today's food for thought is: Live wealthy, die poor; or live poor, die wealthy?
If you were to choose? Which one would you choose?
For obvious reasons, many would choose the first one.
I am not to comment on anything, but I would like to share a story.

I watched an interview in Astro AEC just now.
The host interviewed a past time super star called Billy Wang 东方比利, if you know him.
(I've only heard of the name one or twice when I was very young, hence no strong sense of relativity whatsoever)
But you can check out more here:


Billy Wang was 1 of the most popular man in demand.
He left home at an early age to try to make it big, trying to earn a fortune.
He went to shows after shows, made famous by imitating female artists such as Anita Mui.
He thought he was living the good life, having made success around the Asia region.
He went to places like Hong Kong, Malaysia, eventually settle in Indonesia.
He checked in night clubs, drank more than he could and indulge his life to drugs and nothingness.
Sex with females and also males were only the tiny bits of his life.
It wasn't until he was being sought for drug trafficking that he packed his bags and landed in Singapore.
He was being offered a job in hosting a radio show & being a DJ
He took the opportunity but initially despise the job as it pays low. 
However, his personality and talent gave him fame and fans.
He was soon the top of his pack, receiving many awards for his radio shows. 

His life came to a sudden twist when he had cancer. Leukemia to be exact. 
He started to blame, blaming his job, his family, his friends and the world. 
It was a low period, his pride did not help him either. 
He did not want his story to be uncovered, but the media soon gets the better of it.
After he was diagnosed with cancer, he did a lot of thinking in his period of recovery.
He understood that maybe it's karma. The cause and consequences of his actions. 
It is very hard for him to admit his fault, but he eventually did it.However, he did manage to recover as he realize the mistakes he'd done.
He made a change in himself and also the world. 
He opt for a better living and he succeed in making it so.
(why is the ending so short? cause i've only watched the 1st episode of the 2 part series. XD)
(forgive me if I get the facts wrong, I wrote this with only reference to my memory)

Dong Fang Billy's life has transformed after accepting Christ in early 1990s. A cancer patient himself, he is serving other cancer patients and the community in Singapore now.
-taken from


My opinion in this is that
Billy made a long trip before he realize his mistakes.
It was pretty hard for him to put aside his pride and admit his faults.
It relates to me in the sense that I see some of the youths around me trying their best to lead the 'glamorous' life
It's not wrong in the sense that they are trying to improve living standards
But sometimes when you are consumed by greed, you are forcing yourself to nowhere.
Pride did a lot of bad to him, and it's gonna do worst to the society today.
I may not be good at story telling, but I do hope people would realize this before it's too late.

Again: Live wealthy, die poor; or live poor, die wealthy?

How about, live life, die living?



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