Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Family TripSS! -KLCC-

Where was I?
Yes! KL!
Our 1st destination---KLCC!
On the way~~~
On the streets, I manage to take some footage of us walking around. ^^
There's me up there!
KL is so different with our typical Penang~
See my point? More leng lui leh! Haha~
Butting around~ XD
We went to sit the monorail~
This is the confusing map~
FYI, KL Monorail~ super obvious lar hor......
Kakak having a look at the window... ^^
There we are!
We reach somewhere at Bukit Nanas, and we didn't know where to look for the next monorail to KLCC. So, we went there by foot... TT Poor us~
Target sighted!
We saw a some monuments there. So we stop and took some pics!
Yes! Finally, we reached the place!!!
Yea!!! KLCC!! 不知道为什么有股莫名的兴奋!
There we are! Inside! But i didn't took a lot of photo~ Cause, we are going to Aquaria!!

There it is! Aquaria!!
I like the light! Fishy! XD
The stairs are so chio also!
So we entered the place~

And then PIRANHA appeared!!
This up here is the all famous ELECTRIC EEL!
You know, those that shock people then prey on them d? XD

Egg and the mother!
Me and Lizard! XD
This Frog, i beh tahan the way he looks at me, so i took it's picture~
Cool Butterfly collection!!!
Then there's this tunnel! It was, if am not wrong, the longest around!
Cool view!!
So~ I go after my dad/my mom? Haha~
Real nice place, I took videos! But it was too long for me to upload~ Haha~
This is another cool wan! You are actually looking at the fish's head there~ XD
Looky! Jelly fish! Dangerously alluring! XD
So after Aquaria, we went out, just in time for the fountain display!
Okay, the hand behind me is actually my dad's. He's just playing around! Haha~
So, we continued our journey! XD
This time, we boarded the monorail back to Bukit Bintang, where we're staing for th night~
We took some snap shots between stations!
KL's night scene is really breath taking!
This is something you don't see everyday!
Public toilets which you have to put coins to use.
What if har we're in a real hurry and tummy's aching, but we didn't have the spare cash??
I see flaws in public toilets~~~
There we are, back at Bukit Bintang!
Ahh~ Street performers! I like the green guy better~ XD
Then we go makan makan!!
I was practically thirst to death! So we bought drinks! XD
Back at the hotel, some snapshots before going to sleep~
Ahhhh~ KL
I like KL, minus the lousy and polluted environment,
it would be nice to live there.
The City Life~
But still, i like Penang better.