Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Notebook is lame

I only cried like 5 times.

And 3 times after the movie ended.
It's lame...

Friday, June 21, 2013

Say what you mean and mean what you say

In this fast paced world, we are very quickly judged by others.
One word might cause you way more than you thought it would.
So lemme share with you a few cases which happened around me.
*names or exact details are altered for story telling purpose*

I had a friend, Sally, who is really confident. She would be very determined and strong when making commitments.
These are her words along the line "I don't care what people say, I will surely pass this test with flying colors"
But in the end, she did not put real effort in it. She sit around in the library playing with her handphone, thinking that maybe next time she will try better.
Where a commitment is made, and no effort is put in, people would look at her and ask her, 'why are you not studying', she would then reply 'it's non of your business, stay off'.

Another story would be Mary, she would so contented that she would lose weight, she told everyone, I am going to be successful by the end of this month.
She started out good, where she would exercise and diet.
In the end, she craved and eat like nobody's business.
The worst part is, she believed that she is looking slimmer where the actual weigh states otherwise.
She gets angry when others ask her about it and kindda cheats herself that she is slim.

Why share these stories? Well, the core of the story lies in one of my own experience.
I was once a leader in an organization back in school then.
I was visionary, stating to others that I would like to bring change and betterment.
But I wasn't able to fulfill my commitment and I was being blamed at.
Then I had a few deep chats with my close buddies, who told me that I gotto just accept the fact and move on.
It was hard, moving from a bad image to gain trust, but I did try my best.
Whether or not it works out, I dare not say, but I think I manage to change myself for the better.
Now that I think back, this actually inspired me and educated me.

While all stories share the moral value of words should be honored, I think we should learn to be careful with words.
I myself am still learning how to talk skillfully without trapping myself in my own words/commitments.
Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that we should be cowards and stop making promises or commitments at all.
But I am saying that when you say something, you have to at least try to do it.
When all fails, be a gentleman/woman, admit that you failed and try again.
It's not easy learning to admit defeat, but sometimes we just gotto put our pride aside and do what's best for ourselves.

I wish everyone a good day and say what you mean and mean what you say.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Learning Thai

The first thing most Malaysians get confused is the gender polite particle.
"kha" is how a female would be polite to others in speech whereas "kap" or more specifically, "krap" is how a male would do so.
I've seen many posts about Malaysians interchange between the 2 in an attempt to "learn" the language.
Well, it doesn't work that way.

Although I am not all that good in Thai, but I think it's the least we as Malaysians can do to respect the language.
M going to sit for my Thai exam soon.
Chop Dee Na Kha.
Good luck everyone, peace!


Thursday, June 6, 2013

My Study Week

Yea... It's a false label.
I didn't study that much. I feel bad about it.
What more with the time constrain, I feel like I'm gonna be needing waaaay more than 1 week to study.

Anyways, my study week started off with a nonsense drag.
I have to go back to USM for a few times for a meeting and others.
Then of course, the mandatory 3 day hibernate after the stressful sem.
Which leaves me with less than 5 days before my first paper.

So I went to Tesco to ease my conscious by buying stuff.

Yey, after using my brain power to mentally imagine body ball and yoga mat for like a few months, I finally got it! 
And.... They kick my abs's butt hard...

Then, I went out with mah best bud Rach. 
She is as loving as usual, we stand as Women's 38 association and gossiped the whole afternoon.
Ahhh, good days. 
Her mom, 林老师, was a really good cook! 
Japanese Curry as dinner!! 

We definitely enjoyed it a bunch!

Cheers for an awesome day!
(aaaaaaaand we took a shaky photo in the car in the end)

I'd like to shout out to Rach, for always being there and for all the awesome things u do. 
You rock gurl! 


Saturday, June 1, 2013

30 days abs challenge

Now I am super into abs, not because I want to have a sixpack, but I wanna have curves and lines.
30 days of non-stop exercise is not easy. But I do get a day's rest or two. 

My target: be able to wear a short top when I go to my Swak trip with my dar. 
My method: look up and follow exercises related to this part called the rectus abdominis. 

So far, my achievement is, I am able to do leg raises, crazy crunches, planks, and derivatives of those. It's noted that my tummy is getting flat, but still, there are more work to be done. 
Now that I am back home, the dieting part might sometimes go out of hand. 
I have loving parents who care for my welfare, or to be more specific, "foodfare". 

But I do get a lot of motivations from videos like Jung Da Yoen or those female gym goers from the states. I'd say, I will achieve what I want very soon. 

To quote from a very experienced USM coach, "to workout is not a matter of your body's strength, it's a matter of your mental one." 
To quote from another very friendly gym goer (which is also a basketball athlete from USM), "whenever you need to make a decision, get out from your bed, sit/stand straight up, your decisions might be clearer to be made like that".

With lots of helpful friends or coaches around me, it's only a matter of time before I get what I want. 

BTW, anyone's interested in an international coffee business? 
Have a nice day yall!