Monday, November 14, 2011

To Formal or Not To Formal

Today in class, my lecturer told us about language & superiority.
He mentioned that language should be measured in different social distances.
Example when you are talking to the Dean, you address him as Professor.
If the Professor is talking to the Physicist, his role change to be the less powerful, to listen.
And if the Physicist were to meet with the Queen, he have to bow down to show respect to her.
Make sense right?

Then he came to a part where he told us when we talk with our colleagues in work places, we have to be polite.
Instead of "Hey can I have that?"
You could opt to speak like "Excuse me, if you don't mind, I would like to have that"
You can be VERY polite with your colleagues.
But not meaning it at all.
You can address every person in your office pollination but NOT respecting them 1 bit.
C'on, I know you do too sometimes? (*wink wink*)

BUT, have you ever heard of the theory of 'buddy buddy'?
'Buddy buddy' is where people tries to make friends among colleagues or the superior by ranking them the same rank as yours.
You do not speak to them too politely but you try to make friends with them by 'buddy'ing around.
"hey BUDDY, can i have that?"
"oi BUDDY, u wanna go eat later?"
"BUDDY ah, u very loheng ah..."
"BUDDY, u so mean leh"
True, the 'buddy buddy' thing has existed even without you noticing it.
Sometimes the better you are at 'BUDDY'ing, the better your chances of flattering the other party.

I'm confused.
Is it better to treat people with respect and politeness which are fake...
Or to 'Buddy' around and act like the boss is your best friends?

I'm gonna stay neutral in this.
Here is a photo of a parrot.
It has nothing to do with my topic today

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