Monday, December 30, 2013

Wendy's Cookery (Bread Pudding, Sarawak Laksa, Home Grilled Meat, Tang Yuan)

It's been quite some time, I've been busying.
With what you asked?
What do you do when you have some free time, extra mouth and food cravings?
Off to the kitchen we go!!
Of late I've been experimenting with different foods, so....
Yea, just have a look at it. :)

Of Bread Pudding
It all started with bread pudding.
I've tried some bread pudding at my school and I decided to try it out
After searching for some recipe... Voila!

Mix together bread, butter, sugar, milk and some nuts, oven it!

Make some yummy sauce to go with it

And there you have it!
Bread Pudding Babe!

Of Sarawak Laksa
So I brought back some Sarawak Laksa paste a few months ago and it was just sitting there in the cabinet, collecting dust. 
When mommy asked us 'What's for lunch', I replied 'hey, why not we cook Sarawak Laksa?'
And of course, I'll be the one cooking as I'm the one who came up with the idea...

Prep some ingredients: chicken breast (shredded), parsley, egg (fried and chopped), lemons and noodles

Cook the paste with some chicken and fishballs

Sarawak Laksa
Bon Appetite!

Of Home Grilled Meat
So I had Sheng over at my house a few weeks back and we decided to try out a recipe so generously shared by our friend, Sham.
Sham is the owner of Anjung Budi's Western Food in USM, he's a very nice guy and he told us the 'secret ingredients' he always add to mutton and beef (it's Rosemary and Thyme, shhhhhhh).
So we went to Tesco and bought everything.
Sheng marinating the meats

Beef, Mutton and Pork!

We kindda added a bunch of stuff in it, even some wine

Smelled nice! Ou-la-la
Here is Sheng grilling the meat later in the eve

Sweet and tasty beef with potato and tomato

Grilled to perfection!

Of Tang Yuan
Everybody's been posting photos of their tangyuan. 
Well, we've tried a few types of tangyuan before, including tangyuan with peanuts and tangyuan with chocolate. 
But this time, thanks to my cheeky brother Louis, we made tangyuan which was in square shape.

Square tangyuan
Yup, tasted nice!

So all in all, that's what I did for my November and December. 
Eat my way to heaven!
Have a nice day everyone!

Signing off,