Saturday, November 24, 2012

Video Inspiration

I watched a video in Facebook with this cutting edge vehicle invented by the Germans.

So... As I was saying, this made me realize that Malaysia as a country can do so much more to minimize workload and to maximize profit. Looking at the poor workers wrapped up in masks working under the blazing sun (they look like the poorer version of the ghost busters btw)... To look at it from a longer term's POV, I would say, it's definitely worth it to invest in technology. Time saving, human power saving; some more, people would actually prefer to WORK like this, with the aircon in the vehicle, the awed look from passengers around you and so. It's actually cool to work in these.

In a partially related note, improving transportation systems around here would really help not only to increase efficiency of the people, but also to bring forth the process of modernization. When people get to travel easier, it helps to boost the economy, education and much much more. These "secondary effects" will be the determiner for a better future in Malaysia. Again, investing in some bullet trains or MRTs does help. Well, you have to make it commercialized first, then to make it user friendly, make it available to everyone, take care of their image (which I find it very important because poor image of local transportation will actually turn people off from riding in it) and etc. It's a heavy job and it takes lots of investments and so.

It's very nice if the above mentioned could be considered. Nicer still if it can be implemented.

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Bahiyah Khalid チキン said...

no new updates wendy? (✖╭╮✖)

Just Cool Gal said...

Updating soon dear! Glad you are reading my blog! HEHEHE