Monday, September 17, 2012

I notice a little something new about myself.

After a few incident, I notice I am someone who would like to be appreciated
thank you smile
Maybe, most people are like that too.
I think there are goods and bads of having this quality.

The Good
When one gives you a good recognition when you accomplish a task - giving a pat on the back, giving great smiles or handshake or returning the favor - you would feel on top of the world, feeling great that you have done something important. It is of the nicest feeling, making one know that they are useful/important in something. It doesn't have to be something massive, just those small everyday things that can turn your frown into a smile, that alone can fuel you through the day. However...

The Bad
When one does not give you the recognition you deserved/wanted (noted that I put wanted there?), you'll get over sensitive and pissed off easily. It's true how saying or not saying or not-saying-with-smile or saying-without-sincerity a normal 'thank you' would give different response from others. (P/S: for you guys out there, insincerity is easy to detect, you don't have to be an expert to know it.) But when situations put you in as the bearer, you would get over sensitive and you lock yourself into a never-ending portal of self-pity, where people mistreat you all the time and your prejudice get ahead of you.

It is sad to know the consequences of possessing a quality. But I think it is how you manage yourself that makes the difference. 
Let's put ourselves outside of the 1st person or 2nd person's POV. Put yourself in a 3rd person's POV instead. 
Would you agree to someone beginning to hate another just because they forget to say a sincere thank you? 
Is it okay for one to make a judgement before knowing that there are several angles to take into consideration? 
Yes, it might not seem appropriate sometimes to allow unfairness. I know cause I am one who values fairness, or as the Chinese call it, 公正.
But, remembering the recognition we seek for, is it a must or is it a desire? 
At times it seems that not all hard-work or efforts made are given the hero's welcoming. 
Those who give incognito are actually the true heros because they are in the level where it doesn't matter whether or not you get the recognition - this is where you have fun giving. 

Relating it to teachings such as the Chinese Buddhism and some celebrations such as Christmas, the spirit of giving is somewhat, the next level to be achieved by men.
This is where some hearts come at peace.
As for me, I would still continue to enjoy my new found quality, but in a conserved way, because I believe in one who may give good recognition to others, for the good of both parties.

Appreciation, is to be given, and to be taken (Wendy, 2012)

Signing off,

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