Thursday, June 7, 2012

Can it be? A flat tummy?!

Well, it came to me as a shock.
I have been drinking Herbalife shakes for a while now.
Besides the losing weight part, I didn't notice any changes to my body...
Not until today...
I was taking a bath when, instead of my usual bulge in my tummy, I feel nothing.
I would not say it is totally flat, but as compared to my old "pregnant with 2 months old" tummy, it is a major change!
And of course, the sit ups I do (thanks to a certain someone who dared me to do it - yes, it's nys) did help.

AFTER: These were taken today 08/06/2012 11:12
Messy room I know, it's study week, I've been studying. @@
I'm still ashamed of some of my pics, cut me some slack. ><

Pictures or it did not happen?

BEFORE: Above were taken on 27/4/2012 09:30

Imma happy happy soul! X)
Thin me, peace out!


Ken Wooi said...

I didn't believe something like Herbalife would work. But I guess it all boils down to one's determination. :)

Just Cool Gal said...

True. Sometimes you just gotto believe in it. =)

Rynna said...

Wahhhh.. cha boh! So keng ah? I wanna drink also :D After my finals I became fat ki oh :( Btw, I changed blog link again, pretty annoying i know kan. Tapi its a joined blog thats why la. =="


amber/ruilynn. :)

Yui Hirasawa チキン said...

LOL.. its cute~

exodus_tk said...

At the moment that I read ur title, the first thing came to my mind is

"Can it be?

Can it be Christine?
(lyrics from Think Of Me, - Phantom of the Opera)


Just Cool Gal said...

heee! hi amber! so long i din hear from ya. awwww, jom we drink together! XD sure np, i'll stalk u. muahahaha.

thanks yui. hehe

TK, as usual. nice hearing from u. XD thanks man!

Yan-J said...

wow~i'm trying herbalife too... =D

Yan-J said...

wow~i'm trying herbalife nw... =D

【Huiyin】 said...

Did you purposely keep your stomach instead of become thin?? =P lol.. joke joke..~~ you shall show me your stomach the next time I see you... wakakakaka... joke again...

Herbal life tak mahai a???

Just Cool Gal said...

Haha, good for you yan J. =)
Huiyin, I wish... Sure! at least it is not that lump of meat like it was before. hehe. Well, if you get results from it, you won't see it as mahal anymore. ^^