Sunday, June 24, 2012

This is MY challenge!

Being obese is not 'okay' or 'acceptable'.
You have a health problem, you go ahead and solve it!
Do not wait until time runs out then only you fret.

I've lost some weight using Herbalife products, satisfied with the results.
The next step, tuning my body!
Flat tummy is not enough, I want a tummy with shape with muscle and with cool abs
THIS is my challenge!

It's my turn now! YEA BABE!

Let's see if this works.
Time period? I say, maybe a month or so. 
Signing off,

My target:



Rynna said...

LIKE!!!! :D Good luck! :D

Rynna said...

Plank is harddd! I did it in Yoga, its like. D: anyway, very good video. :D i used to be so motivated, now i just slumped there on the sofa n don bother haha! XD even starting to have a tummy >.< hahaha

Just Cool Gal said...

Weee! Huh, yoga, ancient history for me. It's nice but when the teacher says 12345666777777778 then only you can release, I don't count on her lousy math... Haha. Thanks milady! Wish you all the best too!