Thursday, July 26, 2012

What to do when your lecturer is coming to your internship site to visit?

My lecturer is coming next Tuesday to the company I'm internship-ing in. Besides getting nervous, I came out with a few ways to face the situation in a CALM AND MATURED MANNER 

#1  Pretend you are sick and request for an MC: doctor, I got a megamonterousginomous illness, it's true! I swear my heart skipped a beat just now.

#2  Get injuries on the spot: hit yourself or put your hand in the big big machines nearby... owh, does red means dangerous? I didn't know!

#3  Grow tumor/cancer on demand. And the practicality of it: diminish it when not in use. Esicuseme sir, is this a lump on my hand? OMG IT'S A FREAKING LUMP!!

#4  Look dumb and stare at mid air drooling: aaaagaggggaaaaaaa, hwaaahaaaaaa, brraaaaagaaaaaaaa....

#5  Pretend you are the smart and efficient OL working: Oh yes, I'm very busy, I have 34 Facebook comments, 56 notification and 5 Youtube subscriptions to go through, it gets pretty hectic at times. 

#6  The hostile welcome: HI THERE! You want coffee or tea? I'll get you BOTH! Creamer too! Oh, you gotto try this new cracker I'm having, it tastes like heaven and I bet your whole family would like it, hel even the birds like it......

#7  The introvert style
Lecturer goes: How are you doing here? Have you learn anything? How would you relate the knowledge you have with your current job? 
Me goes: Good. Yes. Appropriate. 

#8  The nervous approach
Lecturer goes: How's everything going?
Me goes: (nervous laugh) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, fine fine fine, I guess, no, I think I know so, hold on, what's your question again? HAHAHAHAHAHA. 

#9  The underground thug/ganster showing swag: You give me the blasted 'A' MF or else, I got your mother's Facebook account! You are warned...

#10 Just keep smiling, just keep smiling... *Speaking with a clenched teeth* HEHEHEHE *SMILE SMILE SMILE* oh hi you look nice today HEHEHEHEHEHE Omigosh did I forget to smile? HEHEHE

Gosh, I hope the lecturer cut me some slack... 

Signing off, 

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