Sunday, September 2, 2012

Life lessons: Communication

It takes 2 to tango.

We don't have to be taught to understand the importance of communication.
But sometimes somehow, we don't do it.
Because it's what we Chinese refer to as 麻烦, or troublesome.
We are stuck in an era where minds are set to be: if you don't say it out, then others won't know; if others don't know, nobody's gonna bother you and your own sweet world.
Reality is always harsh, in this case, if you don't communicate (well) with others, then in the end, things will not turn out the way you planned it.

Let me share this with you.
I was not one who was trilled with the idea of communication.
Specifically with my parents.
They somehow got to find fault in everything you say and every discussion would turn out to be a lecture. (Boring stuff I know, I still love my parents though.)
But recently, I've found out that it is actually not that hard to talk to them.
Yes sure, everything they say must be out of a handbook or something (Universal Handbook for Asian Parents: Guides and Examples available!)
But as much as you don't like to hear out their lessons or lectures, most of them actually make good advice.
Their messages are as though encrypted by several layers of codes, if you manage to crack them, it'll be raining "golden experiences".
I started to like talking to them as I grow, and I realize the many boring/useful stuff they say to you, most of it is out of care and love.
Awww guys, thanks for making me feel like a star.

Funny Sympathy Ecard: Oh, I don't communicate enough? Maybe if you'd STFU, I could squeeze a word or two in!
No pun intended :)

Anyway, grab a close member of your heart, your parents, your partners, your friends, and communicate. Talk and sort things out, sometimes, the results might even surprise you.
Have a nice day.

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