Wednesday, December 26, 2012


People change.
You may come to a point where life is so very different from the one you are accustomed with.
No matter how big or small the changes may be, do take some time to cherish the old days.
It might be as simple as calling your parents/grandparents or writing your name in your native language.
Our identity, our root is the one that made us us.
Without them, we are sailors on nameless boats, bees with no proper home to go to.
Be proud of what you are or where you came from.

Lemme share a story with you.
Jeanie (not real name) was once a normal Chinese girl, she went to a normal Chinese school and was brought up in a very typical Chinese environment. She was showered in the Chinese culture 247, and she accepted the fact that she was one. However, with the advancement in technology, she was exposed to other cultures such as the Western, the Japanese, and lately, the Korean. She went after each and every of them as she changed herself to match herself to different cultures. Cloths, language lessons, behavior and beliefs; one after another, the changes in her made her hollow inside. She became one without root, where she frown upon her parents who are "out of date" and "very old fashioned". She hang out with friends who admire her and accepted her as the cool people. She skipped praying sessions and worshiping ancestors to go for parties and entertainment centers. She was happy with her life...

Even though the story above is imaginary, but I believe some of you might relate to it one way or another. We are not to judge others for what they did, but to improve ourselves if we see fault in others.

Smile and cherish life.

Signing off

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