Friday, May 1, 2009

Younger housewife-to-be, desperate?

Tell me, what is the feeling of love? What is the feeling of likeness or fondness? I for one am totally confused. You see, my life (not something interesting if you consider my current one) is of simple and sometimes, boring. That is, until i met a certain someone. He was nice and cute, sometimes childish or emotionally striken, but still, a someone which makes your heart flutter when he texts you or just smile when you saw him near the corridor.. Yep, totally a case of a crush or in laymen's term, puppy love. But in the same time, you hope secretly that he maybe the one, maybe the right guy, secretly.. (shhhhhhh)But, considering mountains of teenage problems, including homework, socialising, co-curricular activities, cramping useless info into our brains for KNOWLEDGE, and bad hair day(well, it was a big problem for me.. XD), should we or should we not cross that fine line between friendship and something else more? We (girls) fantasize more than easy relationships or flattering courtsmenship(i truly don't how to spell the damn word).. No matter how we girls appeared on the outside: some tough, some polite, some sexy, some crazy or even some beauty, we are all still girls, which that soft part in our hearts we call our feelings.. 感情.. What would you do? What would the famous desperate housewife's characters do? Susan, Bree, Lynette and Gabrielle. Did they had any problems when they were young? Who knows?

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