Sunday, May 10, 2009

Unforgettable memory... tokun agn.. XD

mother's day... what a fun way 2 celebrate it with a hike in Tokun.. so, we, me n my cousins, went 2 hike there.. so, what started as extreme heart pounding n feet killing sport turn blue when the sky started 2 rain.. we, me n my cousin was juz few metres away from the hill top, and yet..... we didn't reach the top, but we were soaked wet when we reach the bottom.. so wet... XD

so damn wet... i can practically squeeze water from my blue towel.. XD

after that, we went to an indian restaurant to makan makan, banana leaf!!

VIP lerh!!

here lu.. really sui, 竟然 forget to take the food punya picture... TT
maybe next time got chance, take for you all.. XD
so, this is how we celebrated mom's day...


zHiYiNg*.. said...

haha...!! you are so funny !! how come you cele mother's day at tokun~~ waha..but seems like so syok..! especially when raining~
that restaurant is situated near to jit sin private sch izzit?? i go there before..! the teh tarik is NICE >.<

Just Cool Gal said...

ee!! u r so nice! XD i vry hpy lor.. ^^. erm, juz a new experience lu... whn raining a bit geli d lor... ^^. yes!!! ee! reli ngam... XD. wat anatang bawang or sth.. yake? we go nex time wan? XD