Saturday, May 16, 2009

School Starts!!

Here we are again, old place, old familiar faces and same old school.. Yep, I am back, to form 6.. Or as the teachers called it 大学先修班. So, as we waited (very long) in front of our school hall, we were greeted by our beloved teachers. They were nice enough to check our hair and school nametag. Well, what can you say, they were paid to do so.. >< The next day, it was kindda the same thing, we went, they talked, we listened, then they even invited some of the seniors to had a little chat with us, and we all ended up wanting a four flat for STPM. I would say, really good brainwashing. And am glad of it. That’s our school.. ^^ The third day, we were already assigned to our respective classes, (only 2 bio class for 7x students, pack much?) then classes begun. We were kindda shocked by our little wake up call by Mr Tan, our pure maths teacher.. XD But it was fun studying again. Then we had chemistry lessons too.. The teachers were quite keen on starting our lessons, and that gives me an impression that STPM weren’t going to be easy, with hectic schedule and packed information to digest, I wonder how am I going to survive through 爱心周 and other activities.. >< Just can say, we must all be working extra hyper duper hard to not fall behind.. GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!!

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