Friday, May 29, 2009


It was the third week of my schooling days, and the days passed fast. It was again, caring week spree. While the tension was growing, I was starting to feel the pressure, like a dreaded knife plunging into my soul… TT But, 1 of the good thing is, because of this, I got to drive to school! Yeah!!! My first time drive o!! XD Really happy… ^^ <---This, is the only thing I am excited for this week. (Must highlight.. XD) Very sad…

Then, it came… Here we go again, running up and down, busy busy busy… Gosh, I am not superwoman, I am tired too... TT Not the old life again… I really wanted to make a difference this year, I want to get good grades, get good results, and really fight for what I want (which by the way, I don’t really know… XD) I am scared, I am scared I can’t stand long enough to survive, then I’ll break down… Haiz… What to do… I am already in form6… From what I had gathered years after years… I can honestly say I gain nothing. My GCE marks are not high enough, my efforts, wasted. Haiz.

Today, teachers are wishing us happy holidays. I was grumbling, my holidays ain’t that beautiful by sight. Caring week schedules are on, so our progresses are to be continued, and then that’s this leadership camp in Perak which I will be attending at the 5th-7th of June. Think you can handle it? Why not add a prefect camp right after the leadership camp? Then i was selected by the english teacher for appreciation speech for Teacher's Day... Whoa… Brain pain… I honestly do not know how my fellow mates do it, but I am truly impressed… Haiz. Maybe I am just not good enough? I know I shouldn’t be thinking so negatively. But after Mr. Tan, our math teacher “kindly” reminded us that we should be punctual or else not to be in his class at all, I was really sad. I know I am wrong, it’s just that… Haiz. 正如赔了夫人又折兵,须走须爬还须停,一波没复一波又起,钓饵栏杆也不行。试问世人,完美境界是如何达成?还是完全是美丽的谎言?

Hmm, just to let out my feelings inside. Except my annoying headache, I felt better. Huu… Really must prepare myself for the worst. And this concludes my form 6 life… ZZzZzZzzZZZzzZZ

~There’s always help when you needed it, just open your eyes and see. For me, I see you…~

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