Saturday, November 22, 2014

How to Burger

So when a bunch of friends decided to squeeze some time off their busy schedules and meet up... 
What do they usually do?
Chill at a cafe? Lunch at a fancy restaurant? Or grab a movie at the nearest mall?
We go back to the basics: man, nature, AND burger

First off, deciding to meet at 10pm at a Friday night is already as crazy as it sounds
But, to insist on having a nice warm BBQ session right after a rain? 
You know nothing's gonna stop us!

So here we are at our fav spot
Underneath Penang Bridge

A nice view to look at while we prepare our fire...
Which was sipek challenging cause of the rain

Finding tree branches and leaves are the easy part
Lighting em up to a decent fire took us about 1 hour

So it's 1 hour of non stop fanning, blowing onto almost-dead flames and throwing in small branches

But the guys did manage to ignite the whole BBQ set with only 1 火种 and a few charcoals

As fo me... Well, while I was waiting for the others to arrive, I was busy taking selfies
Until I tripped and sprained my ankle...
Which confined me to sitting on a tiny rock afterwards for the whole night

Readying the fire

Baby you're a firework...

 You just gotto ignite, the light...

And let, it shine!

Burger in the making

Look at em go

Mr.Tommy - chicken tosser

Mr.Sheng - fire controller

Ms.Wendy - Rock sitter / Selfie taker

United, as one!
Pepo, these are the rare instances where you can see
womenfolk sitting around doing nothing, while the guys do all the work.
A toast, to you both!

Then 3 random strangers decided to come join our fire
Yes, they are totally random :D

How to prepare a mouth watering burger?
(hidden episode from how-to basics)
#1 - Ready the ingredients
#2 - Burn the buns
#3 - Slap waaaay too much mayo on your bun
#4 - Put in cheese that doesnt look like cheese
#5 - Smash in readied chicken breast
#6 - Regret your decision and try to save it by slapping black pepper sauce
#7 - Enjoy it anyways! 

Moar photos!

Le first burger taster

Working with almost melted cheese
Reminds us of... Stuff.

Fire burning our burnt bun

Mayo slapper

Everyone enjoyed their burger

Nice chilling and catching up with everyone :)

All in all, an awesome experience!
Even tho I got a bit tipsy towards the end, but I self-declare this gathering...
I had an awesome time hanging out with you guys
Hopefully, there will be another one soon!

To end this amazing blog post, a photo of our beloved 大姐!
To many many more gatherings in near future

"I love you guys, you guys are awesomeeeeee"
- Jacky, 2014

Signing off

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