Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Reflect on Weakness

Everybody's got their weakness. 
I do too. 
Today I met with one of my weakness - dominance. 
Note: today's blog is more of a reflection, the tone is more formal than usual.

Prideful as I am, I just realized that I am a very dominant person, especially when I am faced with other people who are more dominant than me. 
This trait is usually hidden behind my 'helpfulness', which I myself didn't realise. 
And this trait had brought me great friends and adventures, at the same time, sad and sorrowful times. 

Today I lost my temper a few times because of this trait, and I felt bad about it. 
I hated losing my temper. 
It's just not me. 
I'm peaceful loving, but not as humble or obedient as I thought. 

I will work on myself to improve myself. 
I will not take interest in other's petty stuff and respect others, even tho I may not agree with them. 
I will learn from my mistakes and avoid falling into the same trap over and over again. 
I need to be better. 

I will let go of things I thought was of importance to others. 
I will not let these things bother me. 
I will leave others to what they may be. 
I need to be a better me. 

Thanks Sheng for helping me to reflect. 
P/S: note to self, recheck exercise schedule. 

Signing off

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