Sunday, November 16, 2014

My First Ever Marathon!

Everybody has got their own bucket list of things to do...
Well, I dont. (Caught you there right? heehee)
But running a marathon is something I longed to do for sometime.
Not because of the photo opportunities (but who's complaining anyways), but it is a checkpoint for me in my life.
I am into fitness, and I believe by running a marathon, this brings me closer to what I've been working towards - a healthier me in general.
So I bought entries for Sheng and my lil brother for Penang Bridge International Marathon, and that's that!

Fast forward to THE day!
I met up my buddies Chiakee and Yumei at Queensbay mall
(BTDubs, it's pretty hard finding friends to run a marathon with you, everybody seems to have their own obligations, so I'm really thankful i gotto meet up with these 2 crazy pepo and run together with em!)
So off we go!... Only to get deterred at the pick up spot...
The crowd waiting in line for the shutter was so freaking long!
We were tempted to go home right at that moment!
But we didn't, and boy isn't that the best decision ever.

We finally got onto our shutter and we were dropped off at the starting point.
We navigated through bodies of sweat and faces of despair
People looking so genuinely mad at the blazing sun running in slow but steady pace
But I do admit, running becomes easier when you have a pal beside you, which I am really thankful to Yumei for...
We distracted ourselves by looking at runners along the way, and boy what a sight!
We actually saw Darth Vader in sarung running!

So when we finally meet up (Sheng and us), we rushed towards the finishing line
That feeling of exhilaration and relief swept through our bodies as we crossed the finish line
It was a moment of indescribable happiness to me
We went on roaming around the tent sites and decided to go back to Queensbay by foot.
Not our smartest decision... We actually gotto walk for another 1 hour to reach the place!

But we did end our day with a decent lunch, decent movie and decent high tea.
Everybody's physically tired, but mentally, I think we can go even further if we wanted to.
However, we called it a day and went back around evening.
I'm glad to say it was a fruitful day indeed. :)

*warning, shaky part when we are reaching finishing line

Signing off
A happy JCG

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