Saturday, June 1, 2013

30 days abs challenge

Now I am super into abs, not because I want to have a sixpack, but I wanna have curves and lines.
30 days of non-stop exercise is not easy. But I do get a day's rest or two. 

My target: be able to wear a short top when I go to my Swak trip with my dar. 
My method: look up and follow exercises related to this part called the rectus abdominis. 

So far, my achievement is, I am able to do leg raises, crazy crunches, planks, and derivatives of those. It's noted that my tummy is getting flat, but still, there are more work to be done. 
Now that I am back home, the dieting part might sometimes go out of hand. 
I have loving parents who care for my welfare, or to be more specific, "foodfare". 

But I do get a lot of motivations from videos like Jung Da Yoen or those female gym goers from the states. I'd say, I will achieve what I want very soon. 

To quote from a very experienced USM coach, "to workout is not a matter of your body's strength, it's a matter of your mental one." 
To quote from another very friendly gym goer (which is also a basketball athlete from USM), "whenever you need to make a decision, get out from your bed, sit/stand straight up, your decisions might be clearer to be made like that".

With lots of helpful friends or coaches around me, it's only a matter of time before I get what I want. 

BTW, anyone's interested in an international coffee business? 
Have a nice day yall!



exodus_tk said...

sound you are freaking serious on your abs... hmmm

Just Cool Gal said...

hi TK long time no kacau!!! hehe. m serious about everything dude.
Wanna make my life better, n m gonna do it to it.