Thursday, May 16, 2013


WYAO stands for Work Your Ass Off
Lately, I've been into a serious workout routine.
It's nothing much to be proud of, just that I'm already close to my dream body, why stop now.
Anyway, been doing a lot of aerobics in the room and been heading to the gym for hardcore workout.
I'd say, it's been doing my body good.
I've squatted like I've never squatted before, I've crunched like I've never crunched before, I lift, I lunched, I ever hurt my hamstring and has been forced to stop working out for 4/5 days...

Dieting is extremely hard for me as I eat a lot. (food lover = me)
I'd say otherwise, but the fact is this.
Being in Penang is a guarantee that you won't have an empty stomach any day.
What more, I have my loving parents who cared for my welfare.
I do sometimes eat way more carbs then I need to.
Then I would have an awful time feeling guilty when my belly comes out
But I still think it is not impossible for us to control our diet.
In my case, I became calory-sensitive.
Even with shakes, I try my best to control what I eat.

I think it all boils down to motivation. WHY you would continue your workout.
It's easy to get distracted and even easier to give yourself an excuse.
But mind you, in the end, it all comes back to you.
For me, I'm happy I have a group of workout friends who accompany me to the gym regularly (love uolls) , my best ever roommate who don't mind us smelling like shyt when we're working out in the room, and my best motivator, Sheng who has always been there for me.
With all these wonderful people around me, it's easy to get the positive environment needed for a dedicated training.
(Mind you, we're all doing this on our-own-will basis, it is sometimes tough to keep the routines constant.)

Lastly, I'd like to say a big fat thank you to everyone who supported me in my life, you have no idea how much you helped me in being who I am now.
I've become more positive and stronger mentally and physically,
And I will try my best to support you if you are willing to WYAO.

Me eating food in Year 1 Sem 2

Me after my daily workouts Year 2 Sem 2. 
(finally, I can wear this pants which was way too tight for me before)

Ps, don't for a second there think that I am done with my workout just yet. :)


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