Thursday, June 6, 2013

My Study Week

Yea... It's a false label.
I didn't study that much. I feel bad about it.
What more with the time constrain, I feel like I'm gonna be needing waaaay more than 1 week to study.

Anyways, my study week started off with a nonsense drag.
I have to go back to USM for a few times for a meeting and others.
Then of course, the mandatory 3 day hibernate after the stressful sem.
Which leaves me with less than 5 days before my first paper.

So I went to Tesco to ease my conscious by buying stuff.

Yey, after using my brain power to mentally imagine body ball and yoga mat for like a few months, I finally got it! 
And.... They kick my abs's butt hard...

Then, I went out with mah best bud Rach. 
She is as loving as usual, we stand as Women's 38 association and gossiped the whole afternoon.
Ahhh, good days. 
Her mom, 林老师, was a really good cook! 
Japanese Curry as dinner!! 

We definitely enjoyed it a bunch!

Cheers for an awesome day!
(aaaaaaaand we took a shaky photo in the car in the end)

I'd like to shout out to Rach, for always being there and for all the awesome things u do. 
You rock gurl! 


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