Sunday, August 29, 2010

Friendly Batty Visit (literally!)

I was studying (not really)
when my dad called me to the balcony
He said, look... The crows are attacking the bat..
I was like WHAT??!!
But I looked.
The bat hanging up side down in the tree outside my house.
The naughty crows (2 of them) looking at it hungrily.
Then all of the sudden, they attacked!
The bat flew around and then fell in the drain opposite my house...
I ran down and shooed the crows away.
Then my dad brought fishing nets and so we scooped the poor bat up.
Put it in the cage to release him at night.
There it was!
It was a very cute bat...
It was panicky at first...
But it calmed a lot after...
My bro told me it was just a baby.
It has those innocent eyes.....
But such a CUTE voice!
Like a squeaky toy!! XD
This was after a few hours...
When it calmed a lot...
It was hanging upside down again,
in it's most comfortable position.
We're going to release it tonight!
Wish it luck!
Photos below are taken for fun
The plant we planted finally flowered!
Red flowers!
It was a sight!
Kindda like paper foldings!
The zoomed version..
It was a bit blur.
But I like it!
Batty officially released!
Have a great life bat!

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