Monday, August 9, 2010

Yamaha BM Music Town Official Opening Concert

Yeah! Yamaha rocked Jalan Kulim last Sunday!
It's like a small tribute to the NEW AND IMPROVED music school!
Yamaha had long been here
(I should had known, I've been learning there from like 4 years old!)
Then finally, they undergo some major changes:
Refurnishing, Reconstruction, Reface
(any other verb with the RE in front would work, hehe)
I was choosen by my Electone teacher, Mr.Lim to perform that day!
Let the pictures tell the stories kay?

Notifications on top!
This is me during practice!
Video Recording below
(courtesy of my mom!)
People mountain people sea!
This is the Jepun lang I'm talking about
Yamaha Managing Director!
Big applause!
Speech (dull~ lalala)

Ribbon Cutting~
Souvenir from the Jepun Lang
There it is! My performance! Do enjoy!
Hooked on Classics!
My other fellow electone player.
Mind you, we are the only 2 selected from the electone class to perform!
Yeng leh? Haha~
Me during performances....
The violinist playing Canon in D
Kids from Junior Music Course (JMC) performing The Frog Song!
The handsome behind in white tee is my teacher! XD
Duets in piano (forget the song already.....)
Guitarist playing I'm Yours!
Girls singing I'm Yours
The chim chim boy in blue tee very pandai lor! He can play very well!
The teacher and MC
My friend's sister on violin!
Little Louis anticipating my final performance....
People anticipating my performance....
My Final Performance! Bossanova Mix!
And everything ended magically!
Signing off, JUST ME!


puiyeel said...

Hihi~ thanks for sharing the opening about BM Music Town, I've heard about it. Say it's quite big?
I would like to see how's the school look like and the classes =) It'll be great if you can share too!
Do they have a Stagea ELS-01C there?
I'm an electone student too! Nice to meet you.

Just Cool Gal said...

hi puiyeel! ^^ oh, quite alright i guess, u mean the mini concert right? hehe. it's changed a new face and every other thing was quite the same. haha. i'll try then. hehe. oh, sadly no. we only had stagea mini here. =(
nice to meet you too! =)