Saturday, August 14, 2010

My St.Anne Day!

For those who dnno what is st.anne, it's like the biggest church in Malaysia!
Anyway, me and my friends hop along to the all famous St.Anne's day a day before...
And it was raining.........
See above, I was the driver of the day and it was jamming everywhere...
Poor me. Boo~
Then we reached my friend YY's house.
Because it's raining, we stayed a bit long at his house.
It was the weirdest house ever....
I swear...
I've never see a house like this before....
Doors on either side.......
Actually open to 2 staircase leading UPSTAIRS and DOWNSTAIRS..
See what i mean? Freaky......
In YY's room... We did sampat things... Haha~
JS was "laying around"...
YY: OMG, what does these people see in my stuff????
Haha, he was so 无奈.........
After we spotchecked his room...
A tired JS talking with YY~
It's like YY had a personal trophy maker at home!
Does these trophies multiply and make babies of their own?
I swear, this much of trophies must be against crime!
We were sitting around, waiting for the rain to end....
Still doing nothing.....
Until YY went and put on a nice Spore movie for us.
Aww, he was a good host....
He even made hot milo for us... Real nice. ^^
What's this??? A book a grab from his table. Namo Namo~
Utilizing time, FF decided to memorize the newspaper...
Haha, joking....
So, after the rain ceased, we went out.
It was within walking distant to St.Anne.
Met up with XY!
And the Camwhore-ing starts!
YY took this photo, I dnno what is he focusing at actually.
Me n my buddy YS!
less than 3!!(<3)
Look, this is the night view of St.Anne.
XY left, TK right.
TK was being the statue of Liberty the whole night........
For fear his umbrella might hit someone. XD
JS looking around.
Again, Statue of Liberty.
Yeah! This was after we went inside the church to light up our candles.
On the way up to the 2nd station.
FF decided to be silly.... hahaha~
Umbrellas Up!
JS taking a photo........
Of this! Nice stone craving!
Yeah! Me and JS!
Laterally view! Haha
Really sampat.
So here we are, 2nd station.
We lit our candles again!
Girls of the day!
YS FF and yours truly!
(seriously, FF was going for the cute look,
but i kindda thinks she fail...
Shhh, don't tell her I've said so....)
Boys of the day!
JS, YY and Statue of Liberty Tk!
Haha. Js's playing dumb...
Aww, when beauty meets the beast? XD
This one's a classic!
We were lighting up candles in the 3rd station.
We decided to make it a jointed venture!
We combined our candles and wishes togehter!
Wow, surprise guest! Our techer from school!
He is like Mr.Tan Sui Eng,
only he is the english version of him.
Yeah! Rombongan of the day. Teeheehee
Steps steps steps.....
Looks kindda artistic with the lights and stuff,
so i took another photo with TK in it.
A view from top part of St.Anne.
There's me! Can't see anything much though.
Then we went to wash our faces with St.Anne waters!
I think they're getting innovative with this,
look at this CUTE bottles on sale!
I've bought 1 for my mommy!
Choir members singing!
With the aid of some base and keyboard!
It was fantastic!
The view and everything....
Then we took some pictures with this statue...
We later walked down to another St.Anne church nearby....
Inside it was like that.... Grand!
There's the holly waters!
This is the outside of it.
Then we decided to had som fun. Haha.
Look at JS, acting holy....
Original statue of an angel....
JS version....
JS and YY version.....
JS and me version...
(more like Mr. and Mrs. Smith version) haha
Then I came up with the idea of us strutting our stuff and posing for the camera!
Go YS! -- Angel flying
Go me!
Go Tk -- acting shy... haha~
Go JS -- acting Jesus (with 2 umbrellas as the cross) XD
Go FF -- ???? 唱大戏的来 St.Anne? Haha~
Go YY -- Terminator???
St.Anne and Jesus would be baffled with the sudden burst of characters...
Below are some snapshots! XD
I Kiap him! XD
when Jesus meets Jack from Titanic... Haha~
Everyone playing around.... XD
So we went down to the fountain~
There it is! The fountain!
I like these lights.....
So I took a picture with it!
Our Umbrellas of the day!
ella ella ella eh eh eh
Then we went to the stores nearby to makan a bit.
I bought a Candy!
Taking bits of it....
And putting it in my mouth!
So very Sweet! XD
There it is!
A perfect day at St.Anne's day!


ShIn-JyI said...

wow..really nice..i like it very much^^
really a nice and great memory in form 6 life^^

Just Cool Gal said...

yea! me 2! let's find some time n get out more!! XDXD

zHiYiNg*.. said...

whoa...nice... so sad that im not in...:(

Just Cool Gal said...

lenglui!! XD nvm nvm, whn u guys come back jio jio, we go out kisiao ya~ XDXD