Saturday, May 1, 2010

Weekly 点滴

There's someone in.... hehehehe~

Well, this week, I've a slight breakdown, m guessing, my classmates are all startled by my sudden action. Sorry guys. Actually, it's just me having some hard time. Hope you guys understand. But m touched that so many of u ran after me and cared and asked me if m fine. I m so lucky to have friends like u guys!! Love ya all!

Then there was science week! Owh~ Such great fun with so many friends! Not only bio class ones, physics class ones are all so "enjoying" our duties. Hahaha~ Not only we ran around visiting other stalls, we explained what we had learn for the kiddies to pick some new info and knowledge. What can i say? ^^ Credits to my group mates(especially Pei May)!

510 510 510!! 618 618 618!! M waiting and waiting and waiting... For the new lower 6 batch to enter, so i can retire! Haha!

Exam is round the corner. I had already made a promise to myself. Why? You wanna know? Well... I'll tell anyway. Hehe. I, Wendy, will improve my Chemistry and also my Math! So, tce, cyt, you wait and see! Watcha gonna say bout me now! @@

Now some gossip, I've heard the senior assistant of form 6 may be granting us the permission to have a Prom Night!!! Isn't this cool or what!!!



【Huiyin】 said...

wah~~~~ PROM NIGHT!!! @@ OMG~~~

Just Cool Gal said...

hehehehehe~ waseh seh hor... XD syok lor... bt u noe na~ organise tis things.... sure nid energy liao~ @@