Saturday, May 8, 2010


hehe~ finally! something new to my blog! m lovin it!
1st, 3 column instead of 2, thn youtube html's in my blog! whooo! *love*

well, m much better today. at least m not as emo as before. but i truly 放空 these 2 days. no study and no homework at all, just trying my best to get a hold of myself. letting myself to be free and to find back my own self. i gotto say, it's improving. m feeling better and more refreshed. i guess tomorrow m going to start on my heavy load of homework. you can do it wendy!

however, i went to down town for an enjoyable dinner today.

my brother was so enjoying the Hokkien mee he finshed the soup~ cute guy he is... ^^

that day when i was going back from tuition, i saw this funny scene with Patricia. the exhaust pipe from the car is so "powerful" that it made the white car black... XD credits for Pat for taking the photo!

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