Sunday, May 23, 2010

~Ban San~

Haha~ Back to Ban San yesterday again to have dinner. Have a look see!
This is me. Whoo i like my simple outfit tat day~ *^^* Blush Blush
This is where we were last nite. Looks cosy hor... Actually, it's beside a main road. Hoho~
This is what we had. I honestly had no idea what recipe they use, but the outcome's kindda weird. See below later.
They had a 唱大戏 d over the road. In Cantonese! Too bad i didn't had the chance to really enjoy it. Tummy hungry and all.
Uncle Anuties sitting around yam cha. Enjoy-nya life mereka.
The main road beside the place my family and me makan.

Whoo! I love their glass. (strictly speaking, they are plastics. What should i call them? Plastics??)
Daddy eating the famous Ban Chang Kuih, which i find not bad. ^^
Dang dang dang dang!!! OH CHEN!! My fav! Oh chen is quite famous here. It's actually oyster fried with eggs and some flour i guess... XD
Yum Yum Yum Yum~
See see... Lateral View~ (saliva dripping....)
An oyster dipped in sause...........
Off it goes into my mouth! Wahahaha~
It was gone before we knew it.... Amen~ It all happened so fast... Hehe~
And......... I can't believe my baju wanted a taste of the oyster too... Geez....
Ta da.. The main I-don't-know-what dish!
Add in some chili and soay sause...
And a big plate of yucky stuff... With fish and some ginger (i dun fancy ginger) and tofu... Weird combinations.....
Slap it all into your bihun....
Then that's it. Eat up! It tasted quite normal. Just a big mass of gravy and some fish. Nothing too special actually.
Mommy choosing the food CAREFULLY.....
Kakak finishing her bowl of I-don't-know-what.
My daddy... Enjoying the scenary around after dinner.
After meal walks at the ban san.
And that, ladies and gents, is my night at Ban San BM.
Signing off,
Just me! XD


Laruちゃん ♥ NEWS said...

Ahhh Wendy Teh I hate you for posting all the pictures of the yummy food...T_T... I wan go back Penang fast fast. T________T

【Huiyin】 said...

I thought u say NO oily food?? O.o
xD pimples~~~~ however.. can u dont put food pictures next time? == I missed penang food.... zzzzz

Just Cool Gal said...

yellow laru! XDXD act, d fish thingy nt nice de. bt ohchen nt bad wor! XDXD
yellow huiyin! haha~ bit bit oily nia... XDXD bt nw my pimples reli subside a lot ler lor... ^^ come come! hoho~ u when come back? we bring u go out makan makan... XDXD said...

oily ?? eat that time never mention. only pimples come out then say oily...

Laruちゃん ♥ NEWS said...

I want to go mam also. :'(