Monday, May 25, 2015

Bean Boozled!

One week after I came back from KL, I called up a few of my friends to have a small gathering...
While torturing them with this lil thingy right here.... MUAHAHAHAHA (*insert devil laugher)

I bought this in One Utama, in a shop called Candylicious. 
And, I thought it would be a great Challenge to us all!
Everything is set. 
We (Ms.Pheyee and I) cooked a delectable Western dinner beforehand to first pleasure their tastebuds...

AND THEN, we whipped out these bad guys and started our game. Yeeeehehehehehehe!
It was awesomely awkward nonetheless!
Check out the video to see how we played the Bean Boozled challenge!

Ahhh, fun times. 
Hopefully there will be more? 

Have a nice day pepo! 


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