Monday, May 4, 2015

New blog, new opportunities, new changes!

Yes it does get dull sometimes running through my daily routines.
So I've decided to up it a notch.
Rest assured, I will still be continuing this blog (so many memories here)
But, I'll be also doing side blogging on another more work related blog of mine.
It's called Wendy Teaches Angmo
It is in wordpress, which is something new for me.
It's fairly new so don't judge. haha!

Next, I've just created a Carousell account as advised by my online guru, Ruii Lynn.
Posted my mom's Stone Art!
Check it out here!
*tears (proud daughter)

So these are the changes I've made.
More ways to explore and learn more about myself.
Hopefully you guys are having a fun day too!

This is a stone art made by mua!


S.H.Y.A.N said...

so beautiful~
How you do it? Maybe next time when I come back I can learn from you.

Mey Shyan Ng said...

so beautiful~
I like it very much.Next time we can do it together when I come back!