Thursday, July 2, 2015

Life goes on

At times, you may feel that life is a bore that goes on for way too long.
At times, you may also feel worthless, depressed, sad or lonely.

I lost a personal aunt of my recently and it was hard to bear.
Mostly because she was such an optimistic person,
I wouldn't thought that she would took her life in her own hands.
Questions afloat and many of them left unanswered.

A heart sometimes does need another,
Technology or the virtual world had pushed us far apart.
Even more so for our hearts and souls.
But, do people realize...
That sometimes, all it takes is just a little bit of love and care
To make this world a better place?

Rest in peace dear aunt.
You will be missed.
As for those who are still living, still struggling, still working hard
Remember, you will always have someone loving, caring, waiting for you.
What you need to do...
Is just to look up and smile to the world.
Stay happy, stay strong.

Remember, you are awesome the way you are.
I can't stress that enough. :)


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