Monday, April 20, 2015

To my first ever mid-life "crisis"

Well, I'm not really reaching a mid-life "crisis" pe say, more like a mid-life "questioning".
So I am now shaping my path towards education in language and music.
But questions flowed in my head when I begin to wonder if I'm doing the 'right' thing for my future.
Say for instance, how could you be sure or certain about the things you do and how can you guarantee 'success' from it?

(yea, I know, success is such a big word!)
Which brings me to my point.
What do I want in life?

Everybody wants to live a nice peaceful life without needing to worry about basic needs.
Some would even go to the extend to achieve more when they're young, to be lazy when they are old.
They call it the passive income. (another big word!)
Well, Sheng and I had been through several 'business' models that attracted us with the aforementioned passive income.
But so far, we had not found one that is suitable for us.
I stumbled upon this Singaporean blog I'd like to share to all > Be inspired. Be A Champion
And I'd say, I've learnt a lot reading from this.
To practicalise this, there's still some gaps to be filled.

Back to my own story, well, I think what I can do right now, is to focus on getting my basic needs first.
I tend to get distracted at times, but I do hope I'm on the right track.
Well, what's the worse case scenario anyways...
But I'm definitely not satisfied enough with my current lifestyle.
More to go, there's definitely more to go...

On a less serious side note, if you guys are ever in BM central market, do give this place a try!
It's a 煮炒 place where they serve incredible food.
It's called the 兴利 restaurant.

Kitchen manned by two brothers

Famous dished include the steamed fish, fried brinjal and fried tofu.

Well, we finished it in no time. 
It was delicious. 

To the beautiful people out there, stay strong, stay lovely. 

Signing off

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