Sunday, March 22, 2015

A musical journey

It has been, what, 1 month since I've written?
Yes, and I have a totally legit reason for it.  (^ ^;)
I'm now in KL for a training, GCTP they called it. 
I'm going to be a music teacher!!!... for four year olds. (/◕ヮ◕)/

This is the first actual step for me in my music career.
Knowing I have been putting music aside for the most part of my life, it was definitely a step out of the comfort zone.
I experience new things daily, I was like a katak exploring a much bigger world...
I'd say, my eyes are wide open for most parts of my training (curiousity + sampat)
But it was a great way to upgrade myself. 
I've practised so many pieces and sang so many songs, I've even played on the piano (a bit more skillfully)
I also glad that the teachers here are very experienced and knowledgeable. 
It gave me a whole new level of respect for Yamaha.
Awesome stuff...

I'd say going to this training had made me realize how much more of a musician I can be, will be, should be.
It has been my lifetime dream to be a music teacher, and now I'm on track with my life goals...
which made me very happy. (^▽^)///

Chasing goals, chasing dreams...
Yes, I love it when my life is like this.

Le school: Yamaha

Le person: Me!

Prepping for class

Me beside grand piano!

Me beside WHITE grand piano!

JOC concert me

In UM Experimental Hall

Had a fun time there

I've made the decision to partake in next year's Electone festival. 
For me it's like a checkpoint I have to make. 
Hopefully, I got to try that out real soon. 

Have a nice day people!


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