Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Jumpstreet 2015!

Truth to be told, I've been tucking away lots of precious memories cause I haven't got the time to upload / update it. (or, you may say I'm plain lazy / Imma procrastinator - don't judge me lol)
Anyways, here's what we did sometime ago. (and by sometime ago, I mean half a year ago haha)

On a random day, my friends and I decided to go to Jumpstreet Penang, it's located at D'Piazza Mall.
More info here.
So we've made bookings and such, only to arrive late...
Poor Chris and Pheyee had to wait for us.
Upon registering, we have to buy a pair of special socks each!
Well these socks are kinda cool looking too!

Off we go! 
We did so many crazy stuff, BUT luckily it was all recorded! 
Muahahaha *insert evil laugh here*
Check it out! 

We ended out little Jumpstreet adventure in a happy but tired note. 
Pics or it didn't happen? 
We're all very tired after jumping here and there

Yey group photo!

See those people behind me? 

Pattern banyak macam badminton... 

The three 'musk-erteers' 

Look at those sexy knees tho

Awesome shoot!

(Luke's reaction when Darth Vader told him he's his father...)


Who are those posters... 

OMG they're so weird...

Heee, there're still many adventures pending. 
I'll update and upload them ASAP! 
Can't wait for our next adventure. 


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